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January 18, 2017

Working Out at Red Rocks Amphitheater

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Getting healthy and working out is always at the top of everyone’s New Years resolutions list. Mine included. So naturally, after our crazy New Year Eves fiesta consisting of Chinese Food and binge watching, Investigation Discovery, a good workout was definitely an order! So in the spirit of all things getting healthy, we spent our New Years Day breaking a sweat, hiking & exploring, around Red Rocks.

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denver colorado

Working out at Red Rocks

Red Rocks has always been a go-to place for us to break a sweat. Mainly because this place is amazing. It’s a short drive from Denver (like 20 minutes), yet you feel like as if you are a million miles away. Like for reals, this place is what I imagine what Mars would look like.

So when we went up on New Years Day, we were excited to work out a bit and get away from the city. Since I’m six months pregnant, we only attempted what I was up to doing. And that workout consisted of going from the car, up to the top, and back down again. Haha and even that was good enough for the ole bod!

So regardless of fitness level or how aggressive you want to get, it’s the perfect place to work out. I feel like whenever we go, we always switch it up. Sometimes we do the stairs (there’s a lot!) or do the easy Trading Post hike. And as you can see, just a walk up to the top is enough! There’s something for everyone, at every fitness level! You’re up 6,400 feet above sea level, so no matter what, you’ll get your heart rate up and find yourself out of breath in no time!

And the best part?? It’s free and dogs are allowed! As you can see, we bring Phoebe everywhere haha!!

denver colorado

denver colorado red rocks amphitheater

SO next time you find yourself in the Denver area needing an awesome place to workout or catch a concert, then I definitely recommend hitting up Red Rocks!!

XO, Chloe

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  • Red Rocks looks amazing!! My boyfriend and I are huge fans of hiking, so we’d love to do something like this as well!

    • It’s amazing!! Def one of our favorites. The hike around there is pretty easy and flat, but still a nice walk/hike. For a really good cardio workout, the stairs are amazing. Doing a few sets of those and you’re good to go!!

  • Working out in such surroundings sounds good! It’s so much better than the usual big city fitness center… thanks for reminding Mr Grumbert stick to his New Year resolutions and do more sports 😉

    • Oh ya I agree!! I have a hard time staying motivated with the traditional gym settings too haha!! Definitely prefer nature over gym!!

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