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October 3, 2016

Weekend Recap 9/30-10/2

kenosha pass

Well, hello there Monday!! You always seem to have a way of just sneaking up on just about everyone! Regardless, it was another great weekend so I really don’t mind the weekend starting anew. After spending all of last week in bed with a nasty mixture of head cold + flu, I was ready to get out of the house! Considering we didn’t have any set plans, other than keeping Saturday busy with blogging & errands, I was actually quite excited for a mix of sleeping in, exploration and eating at our favorite restaurants. In addition to the weekend usual, we knew 100% that we wanted to check out the fall foliage up in the Rockies. Because, hello…. have you seen how beautiful Colorado is in the Fall? Luckily, we were able to fit in a little of everything with a lot of relaxation thrown in with the hubs + pup, making this weekend a fun one! 

Friday, September 30th

Since this was also payday, both Josh and I knew wanted to go out to eat. And let’s be honest, since I wasn’t feeling 100%, I knew that I wasn’t in the mood to cook & clean. Luckily, as soon as Josh came in through the door, he said he wanted to go out to eat. SCORE! We always have a few restaurants as our go-to’s but wanted to try something new. So after some Yelp-ing, we decided upon Los Chingones in the Rino District. And lets be real, I’ve seen it on some of the Denver blogger babes Insta’s and knew it was about damn time to check it out. 

Unfortunately, downtown Denver was an utter disaster and total gridlock due to Oktoberfest and the Rockie’s closing weekend. It was literal hell trying to get out of there. And once we got out of there, we bolted to the Highlands to one of our faves, Matador. You gotta love your trusty restaurants because you know they never fail you. Since I wasn’t too hungry, we split queso (it is soooo effing good, you guys) & chicken fajitas. After dinner, we went to Target because you know, who doesn’t spend their Friday nights in Target? So wild, y’all. Especially when you troll down random aisles and head home before 10 pm. 

Saturday, October 1st

After sleeping in until 10 (more like 10:30!), we got a start to our day with a good breakfast and started thinking about the day. While doing so, we started cleaning and you know how that goes once you get started… We were on a ROLL and cleaned the entire apartment & gathered 4 trash bags full of clothes to donate. All before noon & coffee! Since we were on a roll of running errands, we caught up on things we were putting off. Somehow, someway, time escaped us and it was 5:00! Since we were tired (dunno how!?haha), we decided to head home to hang with the pup, cook dinner and watch tv. Like I said, we go hard on the weekends. We were off to sleep early since we were waking up early to head out to the mountains. 

Sunday, October 2nd

One of my favorites things about living in Denver is finally being able to experience four seasons, with fall being my favorite. Fortunately, my favorite season has arrived and both Josh and I couldn’t be more excited to head to the mountains. Since checking out the leaves is such a popular activity, we knew we had to be on the road early… We did some research and decided on exploring Kenosha Pass. And let me tell you, it is stunning! The Aspen leaves have turned a dreamy, golden-yellow color and look magical when the sunlight hits it. After hiking for a couple hours, we were ready to eat (it was only 10:30!) and headed to Breck to get an early lunch. We decided to head back to Denver after because we were exhausted!!

Once we were home, we decided to spend several hours on Redfin & Trulia. We found some good listings and decided to drive to the areas to check them out. While we weren’t able to go inside, we are finally so excited to find the area of Denver that we want to buy in. We’ve been looking for quite some time and nothing really felt quite right for our budget, needs, and proximity to Josh’s work. So to find an area that checked off all the boxes is an incredible relief. And sooo exciting! With plans to grow our family, we really want to buy a home in the next few months and cannot wait to start the home buying process. 

The rest of our weekend was spent hanging out at home, watching the Entourage movie, and going to bed early. Like I said, our weekends are wild…haha! Now that it’s Monday, I am looking forward to getting a lot done this week… Josh is off to work a convention tomorrow and returns Friday night, so hope to get a lot covered on the blog and plan our weekend! Because honestly, fall in Colorado & Denver is magical! Hope you all have a great start to your week and check out photos from our Kenosha Pass hike below…

aspen trees

phoebe in the woods


kenosha pass

kenosha pass

colorado fall leaves

aspen trees

beautiful kenosha pass

Have an amazing Monday & Week!!




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  • Seems like you had the perfect weekend! I love the ones you can just spend relaxing and running errands with your other half, sometimes is exactly what you need! Those fall colours look amazing too 😍

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