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October 25, 2016

The Simple Travel Guide to Bryce Canyon

chloe in bryce canyon

Josh and I have been on quite a roll this year visiting more and more of the US. About a year ago, it kinda dawned on us that while we have traveled to various parts of the globe, we haven’t seen much of our own country. Obviously we needed to change that asap and get out there to explore more of our backyard. So with some help from our US National Park annual passwe started crossing off destinations from our US bucket list. 

And at the very top of that list was Bryce Canyon, and we knew we had to go before summer was over. Luckily, the stars aligned for us and we (finally!!) made it to Bryce over Labor Day weekend, with the in-laws and Phoebe in tow. And I have to say, Bryce Canyon did not disappoint — it was just as amazing as I had imagined!

So hopefully with this simple travel guide to Bryce Canyon, it’ll help inspire you to visit this beautiful gem too!

Simple Travel Guide to Bryce Canyon

bryce canyon hoodoos

wall street in bryce canyon

Hike along Wall Street

Where is Bryce Canyon?

Bryce Canyon is located in southern Utah, so kinda in the middle of nowhere. So having a car is essential

While Bryce does have a regional airport, it can be quite expensive to fly into. The two biggest, international airports closest to Bryce Canyon are McCarran International airport in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City International Airport. Both are about 4 1/2 hours away. So as you can see, having a car to get you around is crucial.

Due to it’s isolated location, you can see why many travelers also add on Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon

bryce canyon map

Bryce Canyon Map

Where to stay when visiting Bryce Canyon?

The best place to stay is either right inside the park or right outside in the city of Bryce. Within Bryce Canyon National Park, there is a campground, cabins, and a lodge. Be sure to book in advance!

Within the city of Bryce, there is a really nice Best Western thats right in the heart of everything (mind you, the city of Bryce is really small). We stayed at American Inn in the city of Tropic and it’s about 10-15 minutes away from the entrance of Bryce, so relatively close. However, I will say, spend a little extra and book a cabin. We had cabin envy the entire time!

What to do in Bryce Canyon

Hiking and exploring are among the top things to do in Bryce Canyon and trust me, it does not disappoint.

My top recommendations for my travel guide to Bryce Canyon:

Hike the Wall Street Trail and get amongst the 30-40 million year old colorful hoodoos (the colorful, spiral rock formations). Explore along the 5+ mile Peekaboo Queen’s Garden Loop and take in the dramatic views. If you’re feeling active, add the Navajo Loop in addition to Queen’s Garden. Bring your pup and walk along the top at Rim Trail from Sunrise to Sunset point (doggies are welcomed on the paved trails!). Admire the canyon views from Inspiration Point. Drive to the end (or take the shuttle) to Rainbow Point and work your way back. Check out the amazing Natural Bridge.

There is plenty to do for all kinds of travelers to make the most of your time at Bryce Canyon. 

sunrise point

family photo in bryce canyon

sunrise point

travel guide to bryce canyon

travel guide to bryce canyon

Hoodoos on hoodoos

When is the best time to visit Bryce Canyon?

Any time is good to visit! Keep in mind since Bryce Canyon is at a higher elevation, it does get freezing in the wintertime. Be sure to dress warm and bring layers – no matter the season. 

How much time do I need in Bryce Canyon?

A full day should be sufficient to check out everything. The park itself is on the smaller side so it makes it easy to cover in just one day. 

sunrise point bryce canyon

inspiration point

chloe in bryce canyon

phoebe in bryce canyon


I hope my simple travel guide to Bryce Canyon helps you plan out the perfect trip. Bryce Canyon is unique, gorgeous and perfect for all travelers. Whether you want adventure and prefer horseback riding through the hoodoo’s or take it easy by walking the Rim Trail, the options are yours! If you have any additional questions, please comment below and I hope to see you come by blog again! 

XO! Chloe

Bryce Canyon Sign



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  • Christina

    Love this! I am thinking of doing some hiking in 2017 in Utah, so I’ll definitely be pinning/saving this post for later 🙂 Thanks for writing this!!

    • Girl, it’s amazing!! And Utah has so many amazing places to go hiking and exploring. I’m dying to go back haha!! You’re going to have a blast!

  • Mike C

    Beautiful post, Bryce Canyon looks stunning.

    • Thank you Mike! It’s really beautiful, I highly highly recommend it!

  • Janine Good

    Bryce Canyon looks breathtaking! Your photos are incredible, but I can only imagine how unbelievable everything looks in person 🙂

    • Thank you Janine! That means a lot! And omg, it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s so unique and different that you’ve gotta see it in person!

  • Looks stunning! Do you think it is safe for a solo traveler? I am always a bit wary to go on my own when I am not sure if there will be other people around or rangers or just someone who can help if there is an issue. Is it easy to get lost??

    • Hey! Ya there are tons of people at Bryce so you’ll be fine on the trails. Esp, doing trails like Queen’s Loop, Navajo, Peekaboo and Sunset – Sunrise are relatively busy so safety in numbers ya know? We did a hike called Yovimpa Point that was just us so I’d use caution on a hike like that. Also, they have guided tours at the Visitors Center that you can sign up for, which would be really nice for a solo traveler and meet other people 🙂 Also, you can use the shuttle to kinda get you around the park and meet people that way. As for getting lost, I think it would be pretty hard. The trails (esp the popular/busy ones) are well groomed and have signs every half mile or so. I think it’s a great place to go solo, just exercise caution 🙂

  • What a beautiful place! I never made it to Bryce when I was in the States (Just the Grand Canyon & Zion) and I wish I had now!

    • It’s gorgeous and gives you a good reason to come back! Haha! How beautiful is Zion though?

  • Christina Pfeiffer

    I love the landscape and the colours of the rock, especially when the sun shines on the canyon. Bryce Canyon is definitely on my list of places to visit soon.

    • Isn’t it amazing?! It’s amazing how much the shades change throughout the day, like depending on light and shade, it’s absolutely stunning!

  • Great photos! It’s always nice to see pictures form places in the United States. I tend to forget that there are so many gorgeous places so close to home.

    • Thank you! Yes, it’s always great to explore more of my own backyard an Bryce is just beautiful!!

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