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October 1, 2016

Simple City Guide to Lisbon

city guide to lisbon

I can’t say enough good things about Lisbon. It’s beautiful, full of culture, and very easy on the wallet. Not to mention, it’s off the beaten path and not overran by tourists. I just knew that I had to make a trip to the beautiful Portuguese city during my study abroad. With my two roommates in tow, we booked an overnight bus to Lisbon, found a hostel in the middle of the city, & scored some tickets to a hot music festival. With everything booked, knew we were in for a good time. We didn’t even have a guide to Lisbon or know what to do in the slightest!

What we weren’t expecting though, was just how much we would all fall in love with the city of Lisbon. Even though we only had a weekend to explore this beautiful city, we felt that we walked away with a feel for the city. We ate our weight in yummy food, admired pastel-colored architecture, and danced our way in Bairro Alto into the wee hours. With my simple city guide to Lisbon, this will help you with the basics on what to do in the beautiful Portuguese capital. 

Simple City Guide to Lisbon

Often times referred to as the San Francisco of Europe (& Lisboa), it’s very easy to fall in love with Lisbon. It’s the perfect size, with the right amount of beauty and culture to explore in just a weekend. Lisbon is perfect for eating some fresh food, amazing shopping, beautiful architecture and for some late night partying!

beautiful lisbon


Where to stay in Lisbon?

Hostel: Equity Point Lisbon

We booked our accommodations at Equity Point Lisbon. The location is ideal in the heart of Lisbon: close to amazing restaurants, bars in Bairro Alto, and conveniently located by the metro system. Our hostel choice was amazing! Our beds were comfy and it was so clean. Plus it’s PINK! Additionally, we went out with other backpackers and had the best time with fellow travelers. Perfect choice for young travelers looking for a good time. 


equity point hostel

What to do in Lisbon

The beautiful city of Lisbon has so much to offer: amazing architecture, culture, vibrant street art, fresh cuisine, incredible music scene and much more. There is something for every traveler, whether you want to learn about history, art and culture or just sleep all day and party it up in the Bairro Alto, Lisbon has it all!


Check out the amazing street art

Lisbon is known for it’s street art scene and is quite frankly, probably is some of the best I’ve seen. For reals, you can casually be walking, mind your own business and out of nowhere: a Banksy! So keep your eyes pealed, go for a walk and snap some pics of the amazing street art throughout the city! 

guide to lisbon

lisbon street art


Go sightseeing

Just casually start walking towards the water and you’ll come across so much beauty in the city of Lisbon. Admire the beautiful, pastel architecture. Step inside the Lisbon Cathedral. Wander aimlessly through the Rossio Square. Hike up to the Sao Jorge Castle. Stroll along the oceanfront at Lisbon Baixa. 




rocio square

Check out the beautiful architecture

Lisbon has got to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I believe this is due to the romantic and pastel architecture throughout the city. It’s dreamy, charming and straight magical. We spent a large part of our weekend just walking through the squares, Bairro Alto, and random alley ways. 

alley way in lisbon

pretty buildings in lisbon


pretty lisbon buildings

Go shopping & eating

Honestly, what’s a weekend getaway with the girls without some good eats and retail therapy? Eat your way through Lisbon and take advantage of the fresh (cheap) seafood and sip on chilled, white wine. Once your nice and full, walk it off by checking out the fabulous shopping in downtown. I scored some fabulous finds at Zara & H&M. 

shopping in lisbon


yummy lisbon dinner

A night out in Lisbon

Whether you choose to bar hop in the Bairro Alto, dance the night away at Lux Nightclub, or check out Lisbon’s vibrant music scene, there is something for everyone! Luckily, when we were in town, the Optimus Alive festival was happening! As soon as we saw the lineup, we had to go! The headliners included: 30 Seconds to Mars and Steve Aoki. And it… was….AWESOME! 

lisbon music festival

Conclusion for Simple City Guide to Lisbon

If there is one city that I can recommend to anyone visiting Europe, it’s definitely Lisbon. It’s just an amazing city and sooooo easy on the wallet. Meals cost left than 5 euros. A bottle of wine goes for 4 euros. And our festival tickets were the equivalent of $50/USD. Our whole weekend in Lisbon cost around $200 USD and for a college kid, that’s amazing! I hope my simple city guide to Lisbon helps inspire you to visit this beautiful city. 

As always, I appreciate you stopping by and have a great week!

XO, Chloe




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  • I was only in Lisbon once for a layover from Morocco but I absolutely loved it. What a fun and beautiful city and the food is absolutely amazing. I remember some of the best freshly grilled prawns washed down with some crisp white for an amazing price!
    Mind you, as far as the shopping goes I am not a big fan of H&M and such but I found some amazing stores for local designer home and kitchenware. I could have bought everything!

  • Lisbon is a place I would like to visit. Portugal indeed is a country I’d like to visit! I love the atmosphere of small city that your photos give.

  • Lisbon is a city in which I would like to live for while. Somehow it has the sprit I like. Nice photos!

  • Arnav Mathur

    Thanks for bringing this up on my travel radar.Lisbon seems such an amazing place to backpack and enjoy life with the flow.

  • Gearoid McSweeney

    This article reminds me how much I want to return to Lisbon! I love the photos, although I think it would be hard to take a bad photo in Lisbon.

  • Kelly | A Pair of Passports

    Lisbon seems like it would be a great weekend trip from London – I don’t know why I haven’t been yet! The architecture just looks incredible and all the colors! I definitely understand the San Francisco reference.

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