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February 24, 2016

Pai Travel Guide – Experience the Magic

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Guide to Pai Thailand


What To Do In Pai Thailand

When I traveled from Chiang Mai to Pai, it was obvious that the vibe here was different from anywhere else I had been in Thailand. Pai is a sleepy, little town and is commonly referred to as an island town located in the mountains. Despite the reputation for being a hippie haven & somewhat Westernized, I found that there is something here for everyone, from backpackers to luxury globetrotters. My Pai travel guide has you all prepared to leave a part of your heart here, because I know I did.

What is Pai Thailand?

It is:


guide to pai time travel blonde


Strawberry Love Guide to Pai time travel blonde

& Magical (dare I say it…mystical?)

Guide to Pai timetravelblonde


Pai Travel Guide – What to do:


Explore the region by scooter

Renting scooters are roughly 200 Thai Baht ($6USD) for 24 hours.

First timer?

Ask who your renting from, like Aya, if they can give you a lesson. It’s quick to learn & if I can do it, so can you!

Scooter bike at Phu Pai Art Resort in Pai Thailand guide to pai time travel blonde

Scooter is definitely the easiest way to get around to all the sites.

You can cruise to the caves, waterfalls, through Pai to Mae Hong Son, & even the beautiful rolling hills.

Land Split Guide to Pai Time Travel Blonde

If you don’t feel comfortable on a scooter, there are other transportation methods available.

Such as the Pai Bus & it will take you to all the main attractions!


Yes. Honestly. Sleep in. Eat well, drink well.

Pick a hammock. Bring a book or take a nap. Your choice.

Phu Pai Art Resort Guide to Pai Time Travel Blonde

I spent a few nights on my porch at my hotel just relaxing & taking in the views.

& I didn’t feel bad about it one bit either….

Phu Pai Art Resort Guide to Pai Time Travel Blonde

Pai Canyon

A beautiful area just on the outskirts of town that provides beautiful views of the countryside.

A popular spot to watch the sunrise and sunset.

Pai Canyon

& if you feel a little “fluffy”, this is the perfect place to burn some k-cals so wear some comfy clothes, workout shoes, bring water and hike around!

Pai Canyon Guide to Pai Time Travel Blonde


Check Out the Funky Cafes

Cute and quirky cafes are in abundance here in Pai and be sure to check them all out.

Coffee in Love

Coffee In Love Time Travel Blonde Guide To Pai

Insanely popular amongst Chinese Tourists

Coffee in Love Guide to Pai Time Travel Blonde

Love Strawberry Pai

Strawberry Love Guide to Pai time travel blonde

Stopped here for lunch.

It consisted of coffee and a brownie. Real healthy, I know…

Strawberry Pai Guide to Pai time travel blonde

The Container

Container Cafe Guide to Pai Time Travel Blonde

Great spot to post up shop, sit in the birdcage-like hanging chairs & read a book.

Charlie & Lek

Charlie and Lek Time Travel Blonde Guide to Pai

Hands down: best iced coffee I had while in Thailand.

Beware: it’s sweet. Ask for less condensed milk. You’ll thank me for it.

The Land Split

A 20-meter fault line resulted from an earthquake in 2011. 

The earthquake was an after shock from the 2004 Tsunami. 7. Years. Later.

guide to pai time travel blonde the land split

The best part of the Land Split?

The owner shares his bounty from the farm he lives on.

Healthy snacks and delicious wine. Be sure to leave a donation!

The Land Split Pai travel guide time travel blonde

Pam Bok Waterfall

The weather in Pai was warm & temperate.

However, it was winter when I went… so the water was freezing!

Should’ve gone to the hot springs

Pam Bok Waterfall pai travel guide Time Travel Blonde

Wat Phra That Mae Yen 

aka. the White Temple on the Hill

Beautiful views that overlook the entire city.

Just lots of stairs. You have been warned. But views, guys. Views.

pai travel guide Time Travel Blonde White Temple

Thom’s Elephant Camp

Look at this little (big) cutie. 

You can feed her for a donation of 20 Baht.

pai travel guide thoms elephant camp

Also, most importantly: Thom’s is very ethical & takes great care of the elephants.

pai travel guide time travel blonde

Pai Walking Street

End your day by hitting up the walking street for shopping, eating & people watching. 

& please for me, buy all the corn you can…

pai travel guide

Take Away Tips:

  • Plan how to get to Pai with my guide here  –> How To Get To Pai
  • Detailed Pai Thailand Map to help you make your way around!

    Pai Travel Guide Time travel blonde

  • Also, recommended to visit is Pai Circus School, Edible Jazz Cafe, & hanging out by the river.

I hope my Pai travel guide helps you out when you plan your trip to Pai! As always, subscribe to my email list to get the fun & tips for Pai.



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