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May 30, 2017

Owlet Sock 2 – A Baby Must Have

baby wearing owlet


As a new parent, I’ll be the first to admit that I really had no idea what we needed to get for baby Cam. I shamelessly spent hours upon hours researching and reading reviews on baby products. With the baby market being saturated with so many amazing items and gadgets, it left this little mama in state of confusion. However, when doing my research on what to get, I concluded that all items must have two key components: safety and functionality. And when I stumbled upon the Owlet Sock 2, I was beyond thrilled to discover such a remarkable and revolutionary device designed for little babies.

While I may be utterly confused on what else to get, there was no doubt in my mind that we needed the Owlet Sock 2. 

owlet sock 2

the owlet sock 2

baby owlet sock 2

The Owlet Sock 2

The Owlet Sock is by far one of my favorite products that we have for baby Cam and use it every night. I love that it acts as an extra set of eyes watching over our little angel while he sleeps. I also love that I don’t have to wake up every 2 seconds every time I hear him make a peep. It has brought us so much peace of mind and honestly, you cannot put a price tag on that.

baby and mama

baby and owlet sock

baby and mama

baby and mama

So I bet by know you’re wondering, what exactly is the Owlet Sock?  

The Owlet Sock 2 is a soft, wearable device that is comfortably wrapped around your little babe’s foot to notify you if their heart rate or oxygen levels fall outside the preset zones. If your baby’s heart rate drops and/or oxygen levels fall or spike outside those zones, a notification is sent directly to your smart phone and base station to let you know.

Picture it being very similar to the clip you wear during labor in the hospital to track your own heart rate and oxygen levels. The Owlet Sock uses the same technology doctors have used for decades, made appropriate for the home. 

It is basically the coolest (and smartest) product out there to help keep an extra set of eyes on our babies while they sleep.

mama with baby wearing owlet sock

mama with baby wearing owlet sock

mama with baby wearing owlet sock

The new and improved Owlet Sock 2 

The innovative folks over at Owlet are always doing their best to listen to parent feedback and to provide the best product possible. The updated enhancements are amazing and as a result, the Owlet Sock 2 is much more reliable, sophisticated, and accurate. 

The Owlet now offers a much better and innovative sock design, which allows a more secure fit by wrapping around your little cuties foot. It also allows their tiny toes more breathability and the ability to now wear it on either foot – which is great because parents can now alternate between the two! 

The Bluetooth range has also been improved which allows for further distance between the Owlet and base station by up to 12 x (or 100 feet)! This is amazing news, especially when your baby transitions out of your room and into sleeping in their nursery. You can be in the same room or downstairs watching TV and likely still be in range for your Base Station (as an added bonus, you can view live readings on your phone too).

Most importantly, advancements have been made in the firmware and hardware, which means fewer false notifications due to more accurate sensor placement. I love that it gives me peace of mind knowing that it isn’t tricky to put on to get correct readings. It gives me such confidence knowing that with Cam can sleep peacefully and that his mama will be updated with accurate readings. 

baby wearing owlet

baby wearing owlet

camden wearing owlet sock

Why I love the Owlet Sock 2

I love that Owlet communicates with mommy and daddy to let us know if our baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels have gone outside the preset ranges, especially since Cam is unable to communicate that. It gives me that sense of calm knowing that when I put my baby to bed each night, that he has the Owlet on. While to some this may seem a bit much, to me it’s not. My baby’s wellbeing is my biggest concern. The Owlet provides peace of mind, so you best believe that I am all about it.

You can get your baby the Owlet Sock 2 for $299.99 and it’s available to purchase at

This post was in collaboration and sponsored by As always, all opinions are my own

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