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September 21, 2016

Our Fabulous Stay at The InterContinental San Francisco

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San Francisco has always been a favorite city of both my husband and I. We’ve been a handful of times over the years. Sometimes with friends, attending Bay to Breakers, celebrating birthdays and St. Patty’s Day. During those times we were fortunate enough to stay with our friends and their places down in the Marina. Other times, we were freaks and fly in for just the day (did I mention that I love this city?) and fly home once our San Francisco craving was fulfilled. And let’s be honest, a day was never enough.

So when it came time to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary this August, we knew we had to go to San Francisco to celebrate. We craved the food, wine, culture and just all around fabulousness of the city. And the best part? We could finally stay in an amazing hotel! 

So when I got to researching hotels in San Francisco, I stumbled upon The InterContinental San Francisco and knew it was the one. I loved the fact that it was a skyscraper (32 floors), had central location and walking distance to Union Square, and the rooms looked like absolute heaven. 

To our hearts content, The InterContinental San Francisco was everything we had hoped it to be and more. The staff was incredible, the room was luxurious, and the location was suburb. The InterContinental San Francisco is a hotel that will definitely be seeing our faces (and Phoebe’s) the next time we visit the Bay Area.

The InterContinental San Francisco

Our Beautiful Room

We arrived late to SFO thanks for the crazy weather between SF and Denver (thank you, Monsoonal rains!) so we were beyond exhausted once we reached check in. However, to our relief, the check in staff were beyond courteous, quick and super friendly. Not to mention, the lady at check in was super sweeting and complimentary of Phoebe (aww) and what pup parent doesn’t love that? All of which are major wins in my book! Especially when it’s late at night and all you want to do is call it for the night. 

The InterContinental San Francisco

Once we made it up to the 22nd floor, we were already enamored with the beautiful hallways and the view at the end of the hall. I mean, you guys, you can see floor to ceiling views of San Francisco and the bay, and this is just the hallway!


We found our lovely room at the end of the hall and I started jumping up and down as we unlocked the door. I took a quick look around the room and my jaw basically hit the floor. We had 180-degree, unobstructed, floor to ceiling views of the city, the Bay Bridge, Bernal Heights and AT&T Park! To this day, I had never stayed in a hotel with views quite like this! 

bay viewsimg_9673

To add to the beautiful views, our room was spacious and extremely comfortable. The beds were HUGE, and we have a Cal King at home. I swear, this bed was unreal and so comfortable, that we slept in and napped during our stay. Which for the Hahn’s, is quite the rarity on quick weekend getaways. Our room was insanely quiet and didn’t hear our neighbors or street noise, which for a big city such as San Francisco, is such a huge bonus. 


In addition to our fabulous bedroom area, the bathroom was just as luxurious. It was huge, which is such a fun bonus when on vacation. I mean, who doesn’t like to lay around in fuzzy bathrobes, slippers, and take a bath in the middle of the day? Not to mention, the bathroom was stock full of goodies and toiletries that are often left behind, such as Q-tips, sewing kits, additional bath goodies, etc. These little add ons made us feel right at home at The InterContinental!

The Amenities

Dog Friendly:  First off, I have got to start with my favorite amenity of The InterContinental. It’s PET FRIENDLY! A huge win when it comes to Josh and I since we love to bring Phoebe everywhere with us. I mean, it’s so much more fun traveling with your pup! And staying in a hotel that not only allows it but is received with open arms is always wonderful.

The staff admired our pup and left us with a huge surprise in the room when we got to it. Because you guys, there was a plush dog bed, big silver bowls, and a huge box of treats (chicken cookies, Phoebe’s new fave!) waiting for her! She was so excited that it was so hard to capture of a picture of her enjoying it! She kept hoping in and out of her travel dog bed, snacking on treats and admiring the views…

phoebe and viewphoebe in bed

Ok, I know, I sounds like a crazy dog person but I am, so sue me!  In addition to her treats and bed, there was a nice patch around the corner for all doggie travelers to do their business. And let me tell you, we’ve done our fair share of traveling with Phoebe to various large US cities and it can be hard to find a nice patch of grass for pets. So having this right around the corner was awesome! 

phoebe treats

Additional Amenities: Gym, Concierge, On-Site Parking, & Spa

Food & Drink

bar 888

The Hotel Bar: Bar 888

img_9786bar 888

Since we got in so late on Friday evening, the first thing we noticed at check in was the lively hotel bar, Bar 888. Looking back at it, I think lively is putting it mildly, and in a good way. Let’s start off by saying it is extremely popular, amongst both visitors and locals alike and is busy almost every night of the week. The drinks are strong, the vibe is laid back, and the price amazing. When was the last time you had a hotel bar cocktail for under $10? 

Luce – Michelin Star Rated Hotel Restaurant

As soon as we booked our stay here, we knew we had to try out the Michelin Star Rated hotel restaurant, Luce. Located on the first floor and conveniently close to Bar 888, is Luce. It’s clean, simple and classy, something I love in all good restaurants. Well, that and food, obviously. So let’s get to the best part and talk food, shall we?

Once we woke up from our deep sleep on Saturday morning, we knew we had to grab breakfast at Luce. We made it down around 9:30 and to our hearts (and tummy’s content) were seated quickly, which to any diner, is always appreciated. I have to be honest and state that I knew what I was ordering before we even got to San Francisco, thanks to studying the breakfast menu online. 

Both of our breakfast dishes were absolutely to-die for! Josh ordered the Huevos Rancheros, which came with all the fixings: Two over medium eggs, black beans, queso, tortillas and guacamole. I ordered the Farmer’s Market Omelette, which is healthy option complete with: tomatoes, cheese, asparagus and fresh herbs. Did I mention they were both delicious? And for a 5-star hotel, breakfast meal prices were decent. Both were priced under $20/meal.


The location of The InterContinental is perfect! It’s safe, quiet, but still close to the heart of everything. You can walk towards the water and be there in 15 minutes. Union Square is close by in about a 10 minute walk. And if you plan to check out the city by the Bart, Cable Car or Muni, those are within minutes as well.


I highly recommend The InterContinental San Francisco to everyone heading to the Bay Area. The hotel, staff, amenities and food & drink are fantastic. Not to mention, the pice is reasonable for a 5-star hotel! So next time you’re planning a trip to San Francisco, book at the fabulous InterContinental San Francisco. You can thank me later! 



I was welcomed to be a guest of The InterContinental San Francisco. 

All opinions are my own. 

Thank you!


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  • Seriously, why isn’t every single hotel pet friendly??!!?! So love that Phoebe hung out with you guys at the Intercon! Bar 888 also sounds amazing. Can’t wait to stay here one day!

    • Haha!!! We’re kinda obsessed with her!! No shame in my pet game!! And honestly, it’s such a nice hotel, like the perfect, serene oasis in a bustling city like SF!!

  • Tracy McConnachie Collins

    Wow that looks like an amazing hotel – I love the fact it is pet friendly too! We will definitely check out this hotel next time we are visiting San Francisco!

  • Alex

    hmm, this one needs to be added to the list for when we visit! So did you even get out to explore!? 😉 #flyawayfriday

  • What a gorgeous place – and I love the fact that they are pet friendly! I can’t imagine there are too many places around like that. Certainly not in NZ! What a special escape for your pup as well as for you and your husband! #flyawayfriday

  • This sounds like an amazing hotel! We usually opt for less luxurious hotels when the kids are with us but D and I would definitely stay in a hotel like this for an anniversary get away or something like that. #FlyAwayFriday

  • TravelBlond

    Pet friendly hotel in SF? that’s a win! Super cute photos of Phoebe! Looks like she enjoyed as much as you did 🙂
    Will keep this hotel in mind for my next trip to Bay Area.

  • That looks like an incredible view of San Francisco!

  • I like to travel with my bird so hearing that your pet was so welcomed is a huge plus! I stayed at a hotel recently that cleaned our rooms after we’d asked them not to many times (cleaning solutions can be fatal to birds) and I was very traumatized that they’d treat our pet in that manner after sounding so pet friendly online. #FlyAwayFriday

  • I am aching to return to San Francisco. Food is one of the things that attract me most about the city. Last time we went, we ate so much! I have to consider the Intercontinental during my next visit.

  • AdventuresOfAjerseygirl

    Yet another post exploring somewhere Ive always wanted to go. The views from the room looked great and im very surprised you found a “regular” hotel that was pet friendly, I thought that would be impossible in this day and age and a specialised place would have to be used. Brilliant for you and for Phoebe #flyawayfriday

  • This looks lovely! How nice to find such a pet-friendly hotel. Phoebe is adorable <3

  • Love San Francisco! It´s also been my favorite city in USA so far ! Intercontinental hotel looks amazing… these views <3

  • There’s 2 Intercontinentals in SF – which one did you go to?! I used to work for IHG so I’m biased but I LOVE InterCons <3 And you know I always love seeing Phoebe!!!! Had no idea they were pet friendly! xo

  • nattiekaf

    That’s awesome that they allow pets. SF is actually a super dog friendly city, you’ll see people with their dogs at brunch, in the office, and all over, it’s pretty awesome.

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