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September 29, 2015

On the loose in Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town - Windmills - Mykonos Greece - time travel blonde

You know those places that when you think of them, you just become instantly happy? One small little thought can transport you back in time? Well, Mykonos left that lasting impression on me. Most people leave Greece completely in awe of the beauty of Santorini and pass off Mykonos as just a party town. Sure, both statements are true, but I left Mykonos a very happy camper. Mykonos was the first stop of our two week trip through Greece and Istanbul. After many flight delays and what had felt to be the longest day ever, we decided that on our first night that we would just stay in, relax and rest up for day two. For our first real day on the island, we decided to rent an ATV, explore the island, beaches and head into Mykonos Town for sunset, dinner, and drinks.


Mykonos town - Chloe walking through greece - time travel blonde

What we weren’t expecting, was how much we would fall in love with the main part of the island. This is where you will find the ancient windmills, beautiful white buildings and stairs, amazing food and little Venice. What also intensified the energy was that it was gay pride weekend so everyone had high spirits and having a good time.

Overlooking the water - Mykonos Greece - time travel blonde

Things I recommend:

Rent an ATV or moped. We stayed at a gorgeous resort, Myconian Utopia, which had a shuttle into town. However, having an ATV or moped gives you the independence to not rely on a shuttle. Also, it’s just a good time!

Chloe in Mykonos Town next to windmills - Time Travel Blonde

Restaurants: Everything is good. I got a Greek salad at every meal. THE FETA. Once you go and have a real Greek salad you will understand. We ate rather early (around 7 pm) in comparison to European standards as we were still adjusting to the time change. We were able to get a table with no problem, but you better believe it was packed when we were paying. If you do plan to eat late, the Greeks are very hospital and will recommend great restaurants and are happy to make the reservations for you. Street food is also good, we ate our weight in Gyros, plus they put fries in them. Hello fat kid heaven!


Must sees: Windmills. You can’t miss them. Take pictures at sunset. It will be busy, but it’s not that bad and usually you can find some friendly tourists who will take your picture. Little Venice, you wont miss this either. It’s a series of a few buildings right in the bay that is definitely picture worthy. You can eat dinner or grab drinks close by and admire them from there. Stay past the sunset to walk around, bar hop, or whatever tickles your fancy. It is definitely good fun and shouldn’t be missed!

Walking through Mykonos - Mykonos Greece - Time Travel Blonde



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