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October 2, 2015

Myconian Utopia: Where to stay in Mykonos

Myconian Utopia Mykonos Greece - View from the room - time travel blonde - Featured Image
Myconian Utopia Greece Mykonos

I spent a lot of time researching where to stay in Mykonos. So much so that I thought my head would explode. I always compare reviews and usually trust those on TripAdvisor the most. I like using TripAdvisor because not only do you get to see the reviews, but you also get to see the unedited pictures taken by guests. I have stayed in places where I was deceived by fantastic professional photos of property grounds. I was not going to be duped again.

 Elia Beach - Utopia view - Mykonos Greece - time travel blonde

There were a couple of places that I was looking at and kept coming back to one hotel in particular. It was way out of our budget but somehow I got my husband to agree with me to stay there. We wound up staying at the Myconian Utopia above Elia Beach. The hotel is apart of the popular Myconian Collection hotels, most of which are in the same little enclave in a beautiful but secluded part of the island.

Arriving at the Myconian Utopia

Upon arrival, we were driven up the steep hill to the top in a air conditional (heaven sent in August) Mercedes Sprinter van.  The driver was extremely friendly and he explained the Myconian hotel family to us, explaining that we can visit any Myconian hotel we would like and they can drive us to each. We can dine in their restaurants, swim in their pools, and book spa treatments in their spas.

Myconian Utopia - Chloe in Inifinity Pool overlooking the aegean sea - Mykonos Greece - time travel blonde

It was almost as if they radioed reception that the Hahn’s were being brought up because they had two chilled glasses of nice champagne and cooling towels waiting for us. They had a staff of three or four there to greet us with happy smiling faces; one took our luggage, the other helped check us in, and one lady gave us a guided tour of the hotel; showing us the spa, restaurant, shop, pool and bar area. And let me tell you, this place took my breath away.

She informed us that our room was not yet ready and that we were more than welcome to help ourselves to the restaurant for lunch and she would reserve two day beds by their gorgeous infinity pool for us. Somehow in the midst of the tour my glass was filled with the second glass of champagne (ninja moves I swear). We went to their gorgeous restaurant, ate a delicious meal and split a bottle of white wine (white wine is AMAZING in Greece). We took our food coma to the pool and decided to rest on our day beds before taking a dip in the pool. The pool itself is a mild pool party, this is not Vegas people.

The lady who gave us the tour informed us and let us know that we have been upgraded. Um what? I never get upgraded. A huge smile swept both mine and my husband’s faces and giddy with excitement to see what we had in store for us. She took us down a little hall way and opened the door: a one-bedroom suite, complete with a plunge pool with sea views and two day beds on multiple levels. Can someone pinch me? Actually don’t.

She left with a smile on her face knowing she made our lives complete and told us to enjoy. And we did. We were like two kids jumping into our own private pool, taking naps on our day beds, and watching the sunset from our private balcony. It was the perfect stay in the most beautiful place.

Myconian Utopia - Chloe and Josh in Infinity Pool - Mykonos Greece - time travel blonde

Myconian Utopia’s Restaurant and Dreamy Views

Amazing. A buffet brunch was included each day with our package. Anytime you can have bottomless Grey Goose bloody mary’s and rosé is amazing by my books. Not only were the cocktails incredible, the spread of food was great as well. My husband and I were huge fans of Greek breakfasts so we definitely got our monies worth. We loaded up on Greek yogurt complete with yummy toppings, hard boiled eggs, fresh fruits, and Greek salads. Also, can’t skimp on the pastries. You are on holiday! I also recommend checking out some of the other hotels and their restaurants as well because you get to feel like your staying at that hotel as well. If you stay here, do not sleep in past brunch. Please for the love of God do not miss it.

Location and Grounds

The hotel itself is beautiful. It has the traditional Greek look to it but has modern twists and safari inspired. It’s a small boutique hotel so don’t expect to be walking long distances from your room to the pool to the restaurant. It’s all relatively close. Our room was beautiful and the bed was super comfortable. Since we had our own plunge pool, we didn’t frequent the larger infinity pool except once. Our plunge pool was rather salty, but it wasn’t that bad. The pool area is beautiful, complete with an outdoor bar, DJ and infinity pool. The DJ spun mellow but upbeat tunes (think Thomas Jack) and no one was getting rowdy or wasted. You can tell the guests were enjoying themselves day drinking, dancing, and dipping in the pool to take beautiful selfies with their friends or loved one.

The location is secluded, however, it is not a big deal. The hotel has a Sprinter that takes you down to Elia Beach to use the hotels private beach or you can use it to go into Mykonos Town (probably 10-15 minutes drive, mainly because we were there on the busiest weekend). It is nice to be somewhat distant from Mykonos Town because it isn’t overran by tourists. It was peaceful and quiet, yet we were still able to make our way to Super Paradise to check out the party.

Would I stay at the Myconian Utopia again?

Hell yeah! All in all, I wish I could give this place more than 5 stars. It was such an exceptional experience with top notch customer service. I highly, highly recommend staying here. Don’t let the cost per night startle you either, we were beyond glad we did it as it was one of our best traveling experiences to date.

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