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January 25, 2017

My Pregnancy Travel Essentials + Tips


Yay! You’re pregnant and heading on a trip somewhere. Whether it be your baby moon or a work trip, traveling when pregnant can be exciting! However, it can also be daunting. So be sure to prepare as best you can before take off to ensure your pregnancy travels are off without a hitch. Luckily, I’ve been on a few flights whilst prego so I am happy to share my pregnancy travel essentials and tips for my mamas to be! 

My Pregnancy Travel Essentials 

1) A comfy sweater

This is kind of a no brainer but I am a huge advocate for dressing comfy whenever traveling. So wearing a comfy, warm sweater is my foundation for a traveling comfortably. Not only does it feel like a hug, but with fluctuating hormones, it’s nice to have a trusty sweater handy to help keep you warm. 

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 2) A comfortable top

I have to wear a comfortable top when in-flight. Otherwise, I just feel restricted. Which is a horrible feeling, especially when pregnant. So depending on how I am feeling, I’ll either wear a nice, loose comfy top or if I need a little support, wear a tighter top with a belly band.  

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3) An eye mask

Whether you take a one or 12 hour flight, bringing an eye mask with you is always a good idea. I’ve found that if you’re able to get comfortable enough, that flying is a great way to catch up on some zzz’s. Key being if you get comfortable first….

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4) A scarf 

I always bring a scarf when I travel, no matter the destination. I love blanket scarfs in particular because it can double up as a blankie for when you get cold!

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5) A great carry on bag

Having a great carry on bag is essential! I love using my Lo & Son’s OG Bag whenever we travel because it keeps me organized and holds all my pregnancy travel essentials. My OG bag is stylish, has compartments for important docs such as doctors notes and passports, and has plenty of room for my lap top, change of clothes and anything else I need to be comfortable/feeling tip-top. 

lo and sons OG weekend bag

my OG Lo & Sons bag is everything!!!

6. Easy to wheel luggage

I hate heavy luggage. So help make it easy on yourself and get a set of cute, 4 wheel luggage. The load will be lighter and not hurt your back and aching prego bod as much. Also, the cuter the better!

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7. Comfortable stretchy pants

One of my biggest pregnancy travel essentials is to travel in comfortable stretchy maternity pants. Even if you’re not quite showing yet, wear comfy yoga pants with a stretchy waist.

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8.  Comfortable shoes

I love wearing comfy shoes when I fly, especially cute work out shoes. They’re especially comfortable when prego yet I still feel cute in my athleisure outfit.

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9. Compression Socks 

Ok, compression socks may not be the sexiest thing around but they’re great for circulation. With the extra blood flow during pregnancy, it’s extremely important to stretch/move/walk around while on long flights to keep your blood pumping. And compression socks are very helpful in that!

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10. iPad or Laptop

I guess this can work for any traveler but bringing some entertainment will help the time pass by. I found watching a movie or a show while flying was super helpful in making me feel better, especially during the 1st trimester. 

11. Pillow

Us pregos get tired easily making our little humans 🙂 So it’s important to bring along a nice pillow to get comfortable on flights. 

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12. Hair ties

Sounds super random, but keeping my hair out of my face helped me feel better, especially during the first trimester. 

13. Water bottle

Water has been my best friend during my pregnancy. Not only does it keep you super hydrated, but it kept me from feeling sick 24/7. Carrying a water bottle with you when traveling is amazing and helps cut down on random costs. Refill once you go through security and bring with you while you sightsee. 

14. Tums 16. Tylenol 17. Unisom

Do not forget your lifesaver/Dr. approved/OTC medications. I always bring with me Tums for heart burn, Tylenol for pain/headaches and Unisom for restless nights/battling morning sickness. In addition, be sure to bring any extra Prenatal’s or vitamins/minerals. 

15. Pregnancy Safe Sunscreen

Our skin is much more skin sensitive when we’re pregnant, so be sure to bring some pregnancy safe sunscreen! My favorite (even before pregnancy), is Neutrogena.

Pregnancy travel tips…

Bring your important docs – Drs note, travelers insurance, emergency contact

Be sure to travel with a doctors note (especially if you’re further along). Some airlines may ask for paperwork or a doctors note so it’s best to come prepared with one. Now while I haven’t been asked for one yet, it’s best to have one for those “just in case” moments. 

Also, it’s best to have travelers insurance, just in case you get sick or need medical attention. Now while you may be perfectly fine, you just never know what could happen. 

Lastly, bring emergency contact info (esp if traveling alone): such as husband/significant other/partner info, your OB contact info, and your insurance card. 

Bring snacks + ginger ale as mid air refreshment

Having snacks on hand helped me keep nausea at bay, especially while flying. My favorite packable snacks were Saltine crackers, granola bars,  and trail mix. Also, I love getting ginger ale as my mid air refreshment when flying. It helps settle my stomach, especially if it’s been loopy! 

Hope my pregnancy travel essentials help you on your next trip during your pregnancy! If you have any other additional questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll reach out to you! 

Have a great day!

OX, Chloe




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