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August 25, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend in Moab

memorial day weekend in moab

I know, I know, this post is almost like two months late but better late than never, right? So if you didn’t catch my Instagram from Memorial Day and early June, you may have seen that I was in Moab, Utah. And funny enough, our Memorial Day weekend in Moab almost didn’t happen. It was in our plans to do a road trips to hit up Moab, Bryce/Zion and Grand Canyon. Sadly, planning just didn’t seem to happen. We were really busy during this time and planning Memorial Day weekend in Moab kind of slipped through the cracks. 

Luckily, my husband and his friend at work got to talking and seemed like everyone and their mom was heading to Moab. Apparently, Memorial Day weekend in Moab is like, the craziest weekend of the year for the city. So the boys got to planning and starting figuring out the details. So on that Friday after work, my husband’s friend, his wife, their baby, my husband, Phoebe the Shiba, and I all packed our camping gear and ourselves into their SUV and off we went to beautiful Moab. 

road trip to moab

Since the trip was kind of a last minute, we basically threw a hail Mary when it came to our accommodations. With hardly any camping spots available, we placed our faith in yet another coworker of my husbands who just so happened to be in Moab with his wife and their two kids. Sure enough, they were able to find a camping spot in a BLM designated area called Kane’s Creek Luckily, the spots were only $20 a night for all of us and right along the water.

If you haven’t heard of BLM camping, it’s basically dispersed areas that aren’t as equipped as some camp grounds. Costs range from free to very cheap. It’s worth it if you don’t mind getting a little dirty and roughing it a little. However, we got really lucky with Kane’s Creek because it had bathrooms and showers! Totally needed especially since Moab is pretty dusty and HOT!

Once we got our accommodations settled, it was nearly 8 at night and in time for sunset and dinner. Since we were camping, we brought a TON of food from Costco and actually made some amazing meals. We stayed up and looked at the stars, had some beers and got to bed for an early morning of exploring.

kanes creek moab

moab kanes creek campground

Arches National Park

memorial day weekend in moab

We spent our first day exploring Arches National Park, which I’ve got to say, is so much cooler in person. Costs to get into Arches are $25 per vehicle, but we decided to get the actual US National Park pass for $80. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on trails so we didn’t bring Phoebe with us to Arches. Luckily, my husband’s other coworker and their family had their dog with them and stayed behind at camp to explore and play and watched our little Pheebs (thank God!)

When we first got into the camp, we drove around to get a feel and basically just kept pulling over at all the major sites and hikes. We checked out Fiery Furnace, Devils Garden, Double O Arch, just to name a few. We spent a good few hours checking out all the arches (there are over 2000!) and just hiked/drove around.

arches np

Chloe in Arches

We left around 2 pm because it became way to hot and miserable. We felt it was necessary to head back to camp to hang out with Pheebs. Everyone else headed to play in the creek, while Josh and I hung back to play Gin Rummy, walk Pheebs and have a couple Moab Brewery beers.

On day two, we went back in the evening to do the Delicate Arch hike during sunset. It’s beautiful and definitely one of the biggest highlights within the park. There are two hikes to check it out, a long and a short hike. The longer hike takes about 1.5-2 hours where the short hike is a mere 20 minute walk roundtrip. We opted for the shorter hike since we brought the pup with us to get her out of camp. Even though we didn’t get up close, we were more than happy with it.

fiery furnace arches np

memorial day weekend in moab

Arches NP Tips:

  • It gets very hot, so I recommend going in the early morning or evening.
  • There is not a lot of shade or cloud cover, so wear sunscreen and hats.
  • Bring a camel back!
  • We didn’t see a restaurant inside the park and luckily had food with us. Be sure to bring plenty of water, food, and snacks.
  • Even though it was Memorial Day weekend in Moab, the park wasn’t too crowded. Don’t let big holidays deter you from visiting.

big arch

chloe and josh

Corona Arch Hike

corona arch

This hike was amazing! Located a little outside of the main part of Moab, it is still very easy to get to. The hike itself takes about an hour (probably longer) round trip from the parking lot to the actual arch. I recommend doing it earlier in the day, since there is little shade.

The best part about Corona Arch hike is that it is dog friendly. However, you have to climb a rock by using a rope, as well as climb a ladder. Since we had Phoebe with us, attempting this wasn’t the best idea. While some dogs can do this no problem, I saw it as an issue for us. Shiba Inu’s are known to be runners (dogs who runaway once off leash). Since I have horrible ankle issues, I decided to hang back. In all reality, I didn’t mind it because I could see the arch just fine. Also, the hike has a ton of Native American hieroglyphics along the way. So be sure to keep your eye out for them.

corona hike crew

Corona Arch Hike Tips:

  • Do in early morning because there is little shade.
  • You can take your dog on this hike. However, you have to climb both a rock and ladder to make it to the arch. Depending on your dog, this might make completing the hike difficult.
  • Keep an eye out for Native American hieroglyphics. There is a lot of cool imagery and drawings on rock faces throughout the hike.
  • There are natural pools right by Corona Arch. I believe it’s the parking lot right after and pretty easy to find once your through the tunnel. But you have been warned…when we went, there were tons of nudies just letting it all hang out. May not be the best place to go if you have the kids in tow.

A night out at Moab Brewery

moab brewery

On our second night, my husband, his friend and I went to Moab Brewery. And let me tell you, this place is the place to be. It was packed, considering Memorial Day weekend in Moab is the busiest weekend of the year! Not to mention, great beers! The boys had the stronger IPAs and I had the pale ale. All of which were delicious. Considering Utah has unique liquor laws, we bought our beers from them before heading back to camp.


memorial day in moab

Our Memorial Day weekend in Moab was so fun! A little random but overall, a great time. When we weren’t exploring, we had such a fun time at camp. We played Gin Rummy and Crazy 8’s and drank with other campers into the wee hours. We ate “fancy” camp food and satisfied our sweet tooth’s with smores or gelato from Moab Brewery (so good!).

The next time we go back to Moab, we will definitely indulge in some more activities. There is so much to do there: kayak or white water raft down Colorado River. Rent Raptors and dirt bikes and explore the outer parts of the city. Check out Canyonlands. Go skydiving. Rock climbing. I can really go on and on about what you can do in Moab. So needless to say, I am very excited to return back to Moab!

Thank you again for stopping by and tomorrow is Friday, which means #FlyAwayFriday blog linkup will be running. We’d love to have you join the fun.




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  • Ahh! Another great post! I can’t believe how similar we are! I have been camping for the last year almost and most of the times its such good fun! And well hiking!! I love hiking too! Moab sounds like a perfect place to experience with my partner. We have a national parks pass here in Australia but it’s only been checked twice the whole time we have been camping. 😀 And yay, can’t wait for the link up! Great post as always!

    • Thanks babes! I know!! We’ve gone camping a lot this summer, mainly to save money for big purchases down the road (down payment, kids…) and I love it! Moab is a great place to camp because most of the people do and a lot of them go in to town for dinner/drinks which is fun as well. You guys would love it, there is so much to do, esp if you love adventure. Next time we go back, we wanna do more of the rafting and off roading haha. If we ever cross paths, either here in the States or in Australia (my husband is DYING to go btw) we should get together! Can’t wait to see your post on #FlyAwayFriday!! Yayy!! Xo

      • I would definitely be interested in crossing paths in the future!! Would it be in the States or Australia, I’m up for some adventure anywhere! xo

        • Yes definitely! If we make our way down to OZ I’ll be sure to let you know and if you make it to the States let me know 🙂

  • nattiekaf

    Oh man! I’ve been wanting to go to Moab for the longest time! Your pictures look awesome. I’m hoping to get out there next spring or summer hopefully! Thats good to know that you can get campsites last minute, makes for a good spontaneous trip!

    • Dude you have to go (once your back from your AMAZING trip!) I would def recommend spring over summer. Even on Memorial Day, it was in mid-90s so I think spring would be much more enjoyable!! (I’m a baby tho and die in high heat! haha) And ya, BLM campsites are a great way to go. We’ve done it a few other times in Colorado, like Steamboat Springs, and got the most amazing camp site, it was incredible and FREE! Can’t beat that!! Also, love seeing your post on Athens for the linkup!! Can’t wait to go back and read more of it! Have a great weekend, lady xo!

  • Can you believe I lived in Utah for two years and never went to Moab. I wanted to go but never got the chance. But I will make it some day.

    • No way!! I love Utah, where did you live? You’ll have to go and visit Moab. It’s a cool little city with a lot to do!! I hope you make it back soon 🙂

      • I lived in Provo (about an hour south of Salt Lake City) while my husband finished up school. We both still have some extended family who live there so we go back every few years.

        • Nice! I’ve been to Provo once since my friend went to BYU! Pretty area!!

  • I love Moab! I went on a whim two years ago, as a detour on my roadtrip. I didn’t have much time there and it was the middle of winter, but I can’t wait to go back. Winter actually seemed like a good time to go to Arches NP since it was completely empty and not scorching hot like it gets in the summer. I hope to make it back there soon.

    • Oh ya, it’s totally worth it even if you only have a little time. We have been there once before when we moved out from OC to Denver and spent the night there. However, we got there late at night and had to leave early the next morning to get to our leasing office in Den to move in so we didn’t even get to explore!! And ya, Winter is prob way better than summer because it was so hot once it hit 2-4… lethal!!!

  • TravelBlond

    Reading your blog I felt like I went back to Utah ! Love it! Seems like you had a great time even though it was a last minute trip. I actually like those almost unplanned trips, they always turn out the be the best ones!

    • Ya, I love Utah!! Such a gorgeous place, isn’t it?! And ya we totally lucked out somehow!! I couldn’t believe it because we were prepared to find other options outside of town and we got so lucky with our campsite!! And I agree, gotta love last minute getaways 🙂

  • Sounds like such a fun trip! I can’t believe how cheap the camping spot was – amazing that you guys got so much done considering it was a last minute trip 🙂 #FlyAwayFriday

    • Ya!! Soo cheap! Check out BML camping, it can be a little rough since there aren’t any bathrooms at some but whatever, you can always go in town or rough it haha. We did on in Steamboat Springs that was absolutely incredible and free for the whole time!

  • Love C and D

    Not hailing from the US we had never actually heard of Moab (sorry!) But, having read the blog post and looked at your awesome pictures, it seems like a wicked place to go. The whole weekend sounds like it had to that classic “American outdoors” feel to it which we would love to experience one day. Great post, thanks for sharing!

    • No worries, there are a good amount of American’s who have never heard of it either. And definitely classic American, especially over Memorial Day Weekend which is a huge holiday here to honor our troops and kick off summer so we did our best with hot dogs, beer, dogs and camping!!

  • AdventuresOfAjerseygirl

    As a Brit I’d not heard of Moab but wow it lookes amazing, like a movie set. Looks like you had a great weekend and what’s better than being in the great outdoors I’m stunning scenery. Great trip #FlyAwayFriday

    • Ya, I can see it not being too well known outside of the States since some people here don’t even know about it but it’s really fun. The whole city is literally an adult playground haha. If you ever go to Utah, definitely visit Moab!

  • Alex

    Oh wow – this landscape is so foreign to me. Being from England we have absolutely nothing which looks like anything in your photo’s – I am super envious! And also wondering how you get a dog up a rope!? Wonders never cease! #FlyAwayFriday

    • Haha ya there is a part of the hike where you have a climb a rock face and there is a rope and foot divets to help you get up it. It’s at a slant so it’s medium difficulty to climb. There were a lot of dogs who could easily run up it, but our dog has to stay on leash since her breed is known to run once off leash and never come back so it wasn’t worth it in my opinion since I’d be holding her leash and focusing on both her and me getting up this thing so we just hung back. But if you had a dog that is fine off leash, it shouldn’t be a problem 🙂

  • Kim

    Looks amazing Chole – thanks for sharing!! Sure Pheebs would have loved the trails too…maybe you can dress her up and sneak her in next time haha 😉 As I’m sitting in the heat in India right now, those beers are making me thirsty 😛

    • haha!! I know!! Pheebs would have loved it. She could go in the parking lots but thats so limiting, especially for dogs. And omg, I can only imagine the heat in India!! Hope you’re staying cool over there

  • Kayaking down the Colorado River would be totally my thing! Also skydiving there & rock climbing sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing! #FlyAwayFriday

    • Ya, there are so many cool things to do! I definitely want to do the kayaking and rafting next time, it looked so fun. I’ve never done rock climbing but definitely want to try it next time I go.

  • Oh my gosh how cool are the hikes?! Also, I always love any post featuring Phoebe, hehe 😀 I may die from the heat but if I go, I’ll make sure to take your advice in going early!

    • They’re so cool! You guys have to go. I want to go again and stay at the Canvas campsite, looks amazing! And ya, def go during cooler climates like spring or fall. haha and Phoebe loves the camera! haha

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