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February 25, 2016

Luxury on a Budget: Hotel Review on Phu Pai Art Resort

Phu Pai Art Resort Hotel Review Hotel Grounds


One of the perks of traveling to Thailand is that everything is significantly cheaper. Thailand hotel prices are significantly low for high-end resorts and spas. Even if you’re not a boushy traveler, you can still find extremely cute boutique hotels with all the familiarities of home: comfy beds, lavish bathrooms, and tasty buffet breakfasts, for incredibly low prices (amazing right?!)  So when it came time to book my accommodations in Pai Thailand, I was ready for a hotel  after spending a few nights in a hostel. I booked through and settled on Phu Pai Art Resort because of the hotel review, price (it was $40/night) and the hotel looked gorgeous. Since I was going for luxury on a budget, I figured it would be the perfect place! And since my stay at Phu Pai Art resort was so wonderful, I wanted to share my hotel review and hope it helps any future traveler trying to decide where to stay in Pai!

Phu Pai Art Resort Pai Thailand

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Phu Pai Art Resort Guide to Pai Time Travel Blonde

Guide to Pai Time Travel Blonde

Phu Pai Art Resort Hotel Review Hotel Grounds


Phu Pai Art Resort Review Bed

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Phu Pai Art Resort grounds


Hotel Review: Phu Pai Art Resort

What I liked:

  • The hotel is situated on rice fields so the setting is absolutely gorgeous throughout the day; at breakfast, I stared into the distance to watch the mist swirl around the foothills and mountains while sipping my coffee and in the evenings, I watched the sunset from my front porch while curled up with a book or at the hotel restaurant enjoying a cold beer and journaling. 
  • The peace and quiet. I never felt bugged or disturbed here. My bungalow was quite old and backed up to the street so I was worried that I wouldn’t sleep well, considering I’m a light sleeper but I got a great nights sleep both nights. The only thing that disturbed my sleep were the roosters in the morning, but I’ve never had a rooster as an alarm clock so I actually enjoyed that. 
  • The bungalow itself was huge, very clean and comfortable. As a woman traveling solo, it was massive even for little ole me. I loved the big bed, porch, windows, and huge bathroom. It felt authentic and true to form, something I have come to appreciate when traveling abroad. 
  • The breakfast buffet was incredible and offered a wide selection of both Eastern and Western dishes. Since the hotel mainly had Chinese guests, it was nice to see an equal mixture of the two. I decided to be fancy and load up my plates with all kinds of dishes and found them all to be delicious, especially the fruits, juices, and soups. Yes, soup is a common breakfast food in Asia & it’s good. I highly recommend trying it. 
  • The amenities such as the ride to town was very nice, especially on my first day. I hadn’t gotten my scooter yet so taking the shuttle was nice. They drop you off and pick you at the same spot (near the walking street), just be sure to tell the driver when you want to be picked up. The ride is 50 Baht each way. 
  • The swimming pool has absolutely gorgeous views of the countryside, rice fields, and mountains. Considering it was winter and somewhat chilly, I didn’t dare jump in considering they don’t keep the pool heated. But I can imagine it’s wonderful during the warmer seasons. 
  • The hotel staff was incredibly sweet and helpful. On my first night, I was experiencing some delly belly (travelers stomach) and came home early from the walking street. The lady at check-in was compassionate and even offered to grab me medication. Luckily, I had Imodium back in my bungalow but the thought and consideration was definitely noted and appreciated. 
  • The location. Ok, I can see this being a hit or miss with some guests, but I enjoyed being out of the city center and more in the countryside. The hotel is near Pai Mae Hong Son, near the airport, so about a 5 minute drive by shuttle, 10 minute drive by scooter to the walking street (city center). If you have a scooter or take the hotel shuttle, you won’t have any problems hitting all the hot spots.

What I didn’t like: 

  • The hotel beds were pretty hard, but this is something I find common when traveling outside of the US. Despite it’s firmness, I did get a good nights sleep.
  • I felt the hotel was a little understaffed. Whenever I went to grab a beer or dinner, I had to wait awhile, like 20 minutes, to be served. Neither the bar or restaurant were busy so I’m not sure if that had something to do with it or what, but the bar/restaurant shares the same general area as check-in so you’d think it wouldn’t have taken them long to see me standing there.   

Wrap Up:

I felt like a queen when I stayed here and didn’t really have any complaints. I felt comfortable staying here alone and very secure. Sometimes when traveling solo, you need to treat yourself to a fabulous Thailand resort for a night or two. However, if you’re looking for hostels in Pai, Spicy Pai, came very highly recommend by some backpackers I met on my shuttle ride from Chiang Mai to Pai.

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Also, don’t forget a Pai Thailand map as is this comes in handy when roaming about town!

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