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May 18, 2016

Koh Samui Beach Resorts: Best Places to Stay in Thailand

le meridien koh samui
When it came time to plan our trip to Thailand, we had a hard time deciding whether or not to go to Phuket or Koh Samui. This was quite the ordeal, because in all honesty, they are both perfect in pictures and on paper. We weighed the pros and cons of each: Phuket was a party town with nightlife that carries on into the wee hours. Whereas Koh Samui was laid back and resort like. Did we want to party? Or did we want to chill in absolute perfection. Ultimately, we chose Koh Samui and then found ourselves with the next task of choosing from a variety of fabulous Koh Samui beach resorts. Luckily, Thailand resort prices are very affordable for high end luxury, even on the islands which tend to be more expensive than Northern Thailand. The one thing that I did find to be tough, however, was to decide what part of the island had the best Koh Samui beach resorts and had the best location for the overall experience.

Koh Samui Beach Resorts: Best Places to Stay in Thailand

Koh Samui Map

 Koh Samui Map


Where to Stay in Maenam Beach? 

Maenam Beach is home to some of the best Koh Samui beach resorts on the island. This is mainly in part due to the seclusion and privacy of Maenam Beach. If you’re looking to have luxury and not leave your resort, then Maenam Beach is perfect for you. Notable resorts in the area include: The W & Belmond Napasai.

Perfect for: Honeymooners, travelers looking for romance, and R&R. 

Not so Perfect for: Close proximity to nightlife and landmarks.

koh samui beach resorts

The W Koh Samui:

Trendy. Beautiful. Luxurious. Rates starting from $600 USD/Night

koh samui beach resorts

Belmond Napasai

Villas in a lush hillside. Resort with both infinity pool, cabanas & beautiful beach. Rates from $251 USD/Night

Where to Stay in Bophut Beach?

Also known as The Fisherman’s Village, Bophut Beach is a lively and fun part of the island. There is an abundance of delicious restaurants and great shopping, especially since the walking street is set up each day. I spent four nights in Bophut Beach at Smile House and loved it. This part of the island is laid back yet lively.

Perfect for: Travelers who want more to do than lay on pretty beach. There is a walking street for shopping and great beach bars (insert go to Coco Tam’s). This spot is ideal for young travelers or young families.

Not so Perfect for: Those who want to lounge all day at a Koh Samui beach resort. The beach in Bophut is on the smaller side. 

smile house koh samui

Samui Smile House

Charming. Traditional Thai Villas right in the middle of EVERYTHING. Not to mention: Prices start at $50 USD/Night

hansar koh samui

Hansar Koh Samui

Luxurious Koh Samui beach front resort with a beautiful infinity pool. Prices start from $144 USD/Night

Where to Stay in Choeng Mon

Choeng Mon has a very lively beach scene, filled with beach front restaurants attached to hotels and places to get massages. This area is great for families. If you do seek seclusion, there are many private bays in Chaweng Beach, which also host some of the best Koh Samui beach resorts, such as the Tongsai BayIt is close to nearby Chaweng Beach for a fun night out. A bonus: close to the airport without the airport noise. 

Perfect for: Families, busy beach, close to nightlife in Chaweng Beach (10-15 minute cab ride)

Not so Perfect for: Honeymooners, those wanting peace and quiet. 

sala samui

Sala Samui

Despite Choeng Mon being a busy beach town, the Sala is in a private enclave. Perfect for R&R yet close to it all. Price from $177/Night

tongsai bay

Tongsai Bay

Beautiful. Eco-Friendly. & Private. What else is there to love?! Prices from $200/Night

Where to Stay in Chaweng Beach?

Chaweng Beach is perfect for really every kind of traveler: families, solo backpackers, honeymooners. Chaweng has the biggest beach & town on the island, which provides an abundance of fabulous Koh Samui beach resorts. The nightlife here is also unparalleled, which makes it fun for a great night out!

Perfect for: Families due to the busy beach. Backpackers due to the fun nightlife. 

Not so Perfect for: Honeymooners – I would recommend Lamai or Maenan Beach.

Ozo Chaweng

Ozo Chaweng

Gorgeous hip & modern beach front hotel for a great price: Starting at $84 USD/Night

anantara koh samui

Anantara Koh Samui

Pure luxury next to the party? Stay at this beautiful refuge from $220 USD/Night.

Where to Stay in Lamai?

Lamai has the best beaches on the island so obviously you’ll find the best beach front resorts here. Silver Beach has been coined the best beach on the island and is close by to all the major resorts in this area. While the nightlife here may not be as wild as Chaweng, it still makes for a fun destination.

Perfect for: Honeymooners, travelers looking for romance or R&R, families

Not so Perfect for: Backpackers. Stick to Chaweng Beach.

le meridien koh samui

Le Meridien Koh Samui

Absolutely gorgeous & classy with a price tag that won’t hurt the bank. $120 USD/Night

silavadee koh samui

Silavadee Resort 

Hands down the #1 Hotel I’m booking for my next Thai adventure. Absolutely stunning with prices starting from $220 USD/Night

Take away tips for picking your Koh Samui Hotel…

  • If you are honeymooning, stay at The W in Maenam Beach or The Silavadee or Le Meridien in Lamai.
  • If you are backpacking, pick a hotel/hostel in Chaweng Beach.
  • If you want laid back atmosphere but still want to have fun, Bophut Beach is perfect.
  • Choeng Mon and Chaweng Beach is best for families, especially since they have the bigger beaches.


Thanks again for stopping by! I hope this helps you finalize your travel plans. Or if your like me, at least cure your constant state of wanderlust. Additional if you have any additional questions or want to be up to date on all the fun, subscribe and follow along on the social medias!




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