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February 29, 2016

How To Travel With Your Significant Other

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Ok, it is possible to travel with your significant other without killing each other. Traveling with your significant other should be enjoyable, fun and memorable. Through traveling,  you learn a lot about a person, both good and bad, and if you can survive having someone see you at your worst, then honey don’t let them go. Traveling is a great opportunity to learn how you work as a team,  handle adversity, resolve conflict and deal with stressful situations. My husband and I have survived lost luggage, missed flights, and even food poisoning (on St. Patties in Dublin no less) and made it out better than ever. It is easier said than done but traveling with a significant other isn’t hard and let me tell you how.
How To travel with significant other

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How To Travel With Your Significant Other:

Have Patience:

This goes in all aspects of travel, regardless of whom it’s with. If your with friends, family or your significant other, having patience is both key and vital to having a successful trip. There will always be one who takes longer to get ready, be last to wake up, too tired to go out, whatever it may be, having patience and understanding goes a long way. The only time having patience does not work is if you’re running late to the airport.
My # 1 Tip for Practicing Patience:
•  You’re on vacation, so remember people are entitled to move a little slower, otherwise known as vacation time. If it does really bother you, mention it in a kind manner and don’t make it an issue.


Be in the Present:

There is nothing better than being with your partner in crime on vacation, laying on a beach with cocktails in hand. I mean, can you think of anything better than that right now? Didn’t think so. So especially when all the planning is over and you’ve flown all that way, be in the present and enjoy your time together. Spending time together to reconnect is important and essential for a healthy and happy relationship. Understand there will be time where you may need alone time, and that is totally fine as well. Just don’t be disconnected or on your email, because sure enough, one of you will feel ignored and that’s never a good feeling.
My # 1 Tip for Being in the Present:
• Disconnect from Instagram, email, Facebook, Snap Chat, whatever you’re plugged into. If you do love yourself some social media or need to check emails for work, that is understandable, we do live in the 21st century. Just don’t troll your homepage if your significant other wants to do something or if you’re at dinner. Leave the phone in your purse, not on the table. Pick a time in the day where you can check social media and email, I like first thing in the morning and before going out to dinner.


Making Sacrifices When Necessary:

There will be times when your partner wants to do something you may not want to do. If your girl wants to go shopping, go. It makes her happy. Don’t sulk or act bored because if you do, she’ll feel guilty for suggesting it. And ladies, if your man wants to go fishing, go. Suck up your pride and try it out. You may actually enjoy yourself. If not, you can tan and fishing boats do have alcohol on board. Moral of the story: don’t be a rigid bitch, find the positive in every situation and be game for everything.
My #1 Tip for Making Sacrifices:
• Don’t make it tit for tat. There is nothing more annoying than someone keeping score. This kind of behavior can bring on resentment and bring down morale of the trip. Just speak up when you want to do something and be kind if your not feeling a suggestion. Sometimes we have to do things for those we love and trust me, seeing joy on their face makes it worth it in the end.


Keep the Fighting to a Minimum:

This is easier said than done, but try your best not to fight. It may seem darn close to impossible to not have a little tiff here and there, whether it’s brought on by jet lag or whatever stressful situation you have found yourself in. Know you’re in this together and you can work together.  Traveling brings couples together through both positive and negative experiences and it’s up to you to make the best of it. I will say that every couple is different and so is their communicating style, but in all fairness, it’s best to hash it out in the calmest manner possible. You don’t want to be that couple who looks miserable by the pool, because trust me, there is always someone who is mentioning to their significant other, “man, they look miserable. Glad that’s not us!”
My #1 Tip for Not Fighting:
• Don’t yell. Nothing escalates a fight quicker than the tone and pitch of who’s speaking (or in some cases yelling). It is inevitable that there may be a stressful situation when traveling, but don’t use that time to pick a fight. Use it to work together and come to a resolution. Traveling can really test a couple, both for the individual and for the couple as a whole.


Lastly, Enjoy Yourselves!

You spent the money and the time planning to take a vacation, so enjoy it. I’ve found more often than not, that when my husband and I did fight while on vacation, it didn’t last long because you realize what is important: spending time together and creating lifelong memories. When I got food poisoning on St. Patties Day in Dublin, my husband was very doting when I was laying on the bathroom floor, near death. And when I did feel better, I rallied to make it out for a little bit because I knew my husband wanted to partake in the festivities. Love and relationships require patience, understanding, and compassion to make it work. Practice these
behaviors when traveling and in everyday life. And in all honesty, I don’t think I need to give you any tips on how to enjoy yourself. Find your beach, pick your poison and have a blast. You’re on vacation!

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  • Nice post. I think it’s also very important the kind of personality that your significant other has because I find it works well if one of you is a planner and the other is not!

    • Hi Karen,

      I agree with you 100% that personality plays a huge factor, I’m more of planner and my husband is very go with the flow, it helps when things don’t go accordingly because he’ll bring me back down to reality and that things always work themselves out.

      Thanks for reaching out! Xo

  • Amrine Obermueller Quint

    This is so great to see that theres another married traveler out there! My husband and I are traveling the world for a year and yes, its been tough!! Be in the present is SO IMPORTANT!!! When you spend 24/7 with your partner its easy to use dinner time as a time to catch up on facebook or whatever…but I have to remind myself so many times that while we need time apart and need to catch up on those things, the dinner table is not the place!

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