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October 27, 2016

Hotel Valley Ho: A Hip Mid-Century Desert Hideaway

hotel valley ho

Last month, Josh and I knew that we wanted to take a last minute summer vacay, filled with warm temps, long pool days and yummy food. So naturally, Scottsdale, Arizona came to mind. Having gone many times before, I knew Scottsdale would be the perfect place to end our summer on a high note without breaking the bank. Once we had our destination in mind, I immediately started looking up hotels. One hotel caught my attention and without any trepidation, I knew it was the place to be. Hotel Valley Ho was just the trendy and hip desert hideaway we were looking for.

I immediately loved the mid-century design, the laid back party vibe, and their love of animals (pets stay free!). And within two weeks of booking our flights, we were on our way to sunny Scottsdale and looking forward to checking into Hotel Valley Ho!

hotel valley ho

Hotel Valley Ho

This hotel is the It’s fun, young, and the place to be seen in Scottsdale. Whether you’re grabbing drinks at ZuZu or celebrating your bachelorette with your best friends, this is the hotel hot spot in the desert. And I mean, can you seriously go wrong with hotel that frequently hosted the Rat Pack? Ya, I don’t think so… Plus we enjoyed our trip so much, we even extended our stay one more day! 

hip hotels in arizona

luxury hotels in arizona

The Oh Pool & Ohasis Pool at Hotel Valley Ho

I love that Hotel Valley Ho gives their guests the option of two pools; one for an all-day party and the other to recover the following morning. And the Oh Pool and Ohasis Pools at Hotel Valley Ho are no exception. It’s basically business in the front, party in the back, ya feelt? So no matter what your feeling or what your agenda is for the day, Hotel Valley Ho has you covered either way!

the oh pool party

pool party at scottsdale arizona

The Oh Pool is the larger of the two and what I would consider to be the main focus of the hotel. A popular Scottsdale hot spot, you can find this pool filled to the brim with locals and hotel guests alike. The DJ spins amazing tunes (think Top 40, old school hip hop – Chronic 2001 – & tropical house) throughout the day and into the early evening. And the best part? The party happens all weekend long!

Party and good music aside, the food and drinks are amazing! We snacked on hummus, pita bread, and the Greek salad – a nice and healthy meal to keep us full until dinner. And I cannot leave out the insanely good iced mocha. It is so good – seriously, this is what coffee dreams are made of. I could probably drink it all day, everyday! 

iced mocha at oh pool

greek salad

If you feel more like relaxing and taking a nap by the pool, then the Ohasis Pool is where you wanna be. It’s absolutely perfect if you just want peace and quiet. Traveling with your family but worried about the pool party? No problem. Bring your kiddos to the Ohasis pool and enjoy the beautiful Scottsdale weather. And bonus? While there isn’t a restaurant at this pool, you can call the house phone and place your order for food, drinks and cocktails! The servers bring your order over from the Oh Pool! 

luxury pools arizona

food at oh pool

the ohasis pool

ZuZu Restaurant

I have to admit, before we even got to the hotel, I was beyond excited to try the food. I’m strong believer in judging a hotel on two things: comfortable beds and quality of breakfast (hey, no judgements…) And since the beds were ah-mazing, I had some pretty high hopes for the food at ZuZu Restaurant. And ahhhh lordy, all the food was amazing. We definitely left full and happy!


Brunch at Hotel Valley Ho is quite the event: it’s popular, bustling, and downright delicious. It’s wise to make a reservation and come hungry (and thirsty). The brunch menu has a variety of choices, ranging from delicious sweet goodness from the griddle to heart healthy options. Also, if you feel like imbibing, there is a do-it-yourself Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar – perfect for kickstarting your weekend fun!

What we ordered: Josh ordered the Beef Short Rib Hash topped with hollandaise and a side of a buttermilk biscuit. And holy moly, was it delicious. It was rich, creamy and all around brunch goodness that was sure to stick to your ribs until dinner. I give it a 10/10 and the price wasn’t bad either – $16 for this bad boy. I ordered the Florentine Frittata which had smoked bacon, sautéed veggies, and topped with yummy gruyere cheese. It also came with a side of rye toast and delicious roasted potatoes. Umm….soooo good! And the price is even better, $12 for this healthy dish! 

zuzu restaurant hotel vally ho

zuzu restaurant hotel vally ho

hotel valley ho brunch


After having such a delicious brunch, we couldn’t wait to try dinner. I mean, so excited that we planned what we were eating for dinner while still at brunch. Obsessed with food, much? But for reals. We even came down early for our 8:00 pm reservation since we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into more foodie goodness. 

What we ordered: We’ve been on a shrimp cocktail kick for quite some time and as soon as I saw it on the dinner menu, I knew we had to order it. And holy cow, these shrimps are HUGE! It could be a meal on it it’s own…for reals.

After finishing our appetizer, I saw our server coming with our entrees from across the room and couldn’t be more excited for the main event. Josh ordered the Filet Mignon and omg, it was cooked to perfection. You could cut it with a butter knife! The mashed potatoes and hollandaise that accompanied it was magic and literally each bite melted in your mouth. I ordered the Beef Short Ribs and it had such delicious flavors. It was a perfect marriage of sweetness and spice, especially with the side of green chile grits and caramelized veggies. Both were phenomenal and needless to say, since we had such full, happy bellies, we didn’t even need dessert!

zuzu restaurant menu

zuzu restaurant shrimp cocktail

filet mignon zuzu restaurant

zuzu restaurant beef short ribs

Our Room – The Tower Suite

We got to Scottsdale late, thanks to Denver’s crazy summer monsoonal rains. So upon our near midnight checkin, all we wanted to do was get to our room, kick up our feet and order room service. To our hearts content, the check in process was quick and seamless (don’t y’all hate long checkin processes? Like what the…). 

Once we opened the door, my jaw dropped and hit the floor. Our room was huge and felt like a hip downtown apartment. Complete with a full, yes FULL, kitchen, a spacious living room, huge bedroom and a spa-like bathroom, I knew that Josh, Phoebe and I were going to be more than comfortable in our Scottsdale digs. 

Josh and Phoebe quickly found a home on the couch and room service was ordered. And i mean, who’s going to deny french fries, a quesadilla and a cold beer at midnight after an evening of travel? Not this girl!

full kitchen tower suite hotel valley ho

full kitchen tower suite hotel valley ho

room service hotel valley ho luxury scottsdale hotels

We were so happy with our room. So much so, we could’ve moved right in. We took numerous naps, cooked dinner one night (kitchen complete with pots/pans/utensils) and had utter peace & quiet. My favorite feature? The oversized bathroom! It was HUGE – complete with a walk in closet, washer&dryer units, private toilet, and his&her sinks. Perfect for getting ready with your girls for a GNO or for a relaxing night in with your significant other.

spa bathroom

spa bathroom

Wait…scratch that. My favorite feature is that Phoebe is welcomed with open arms at Hotel Valley Ho! Not only is it a pet friendly hotel, but pets can stay at no additional charge! And surely you guys know by now, that wherever we go, Phoebe comes too. And to stay at a hotel that fully embraces traveling pets is a winner in my book! 

pet friendly scottsdale hotels


I highly recommend Hotel Valley Ho. It’s perfect for a weekend getaway, a bachelorette/bachelor party, or for a little fun in the sun. Bring your girl friends or your significant other and your pup and enjoy the beautiful Scottsdale weather. A hotel with hip decor, amazing food and a happening party scene, what more can you need to escape the desert heat? 

Thank you for stopping by hope y’all have a great rest of your Thursday!

Xo, Chloe


This post was in collaboration with Hotel Valley Ho. I was welcomed as a guest & all opinions are my own. 

Thank you to everyone at Hotel Valley Ho for making our stay so amazing & memorable! 

hotel valley ho scottsdale arizona luxury hotel

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  • Tracy McConnachie Collins

    Looks like a great place to stay! Beautiful room, fabulous food and you can take the dog too! Sounds absolutely perfect!

  • Sounds like you had a great – and delicious – stay there! It looks like a lovely place.

  • Kat

    The food looks amazing and what a great idea to have 2 pools to suit different needs. I also love that it’s pet-friendly and Phoebe got to stay for free! Seems like a great place to stay. #FlyAwayFriday

  • TravelBlond

    Oh now I know where to stay in Scottsdale ! I have been there few times but never actually stayed at the nice hotel. Room looks great! Thank you for discovering it for other travelers! #FlyAwayFriday

  • It looks like a fabulous place to stay and the food looks delicious! Since I often travel with my dogs, I’m always on the look out for pet-friendly places to stay. The Hotel Valley Ho is going on my list for any trips to Scottsdale.

  • Young And Undecided

    That hotel and food looks amazing! And your little pupper is the cutest! #flyawayfriday

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    Looks like a really relaxing hotel, with some delicious food! I like the idea of having two pools for different purposes, that way everyone’s happy. Neat! #FlyAwayFriday

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  • Looks like a cool hotel. I’m not one for pool parties (or large crowds and loud music in general) but the Ohasis pool sounds very nice and relaxing to me. It’s nice that they have another option for those who don’t want to party. #FlyAwayFriday

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  • Those ribs sound absolutely incredible. Sounds like you guys had a fun little getaway, and lucky Phoebe got another mini-vacay! 😉

  • Looks like a lovely getaway! Sometimes last minute trips turn out to be the coolest! #FlyAwayFriday

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    It’s so cold in Toronto right now, you made me want to head to the sunshine and jump into that pool! Great post! #FlyAwayFriday

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    Looks like a very cool place to be. Everything looked like they had really captured the right vibe and that brunch looked incredible. Once again an awesome find from you Chloe #flyawayfriday

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    Ah, that pool! Looks amazing! And it’s pet friendly! Best of both worlds. Great post! #flyawayfriday

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    This looks so nice! If we ever travel to Scottsdale I know where we will stay!

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    Great review of an iconic desert hideaway.

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    I’d never thought of Scottsdale AZ, as a destination, but that hotel looks amazing and like so much fun!

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    How beautiful is this experience. The food looked amazing especially that shrimp cocktail. I love the fact that the hotel is dog friendly! The pic of you with the dog in your bed is priceless.

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