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January 4, 2017

The Four-Legged Love of My Life

finding fido on z living

A lot of you guys know that Phoebe is a huge part of our lives. I mean, I refer to her as our first-born and try to bring her on as many adventures as we can. Since we got her four years ago, she really has made each day so much more fun and enriched our lives in ways we didn’t think possible. It’s kinda crazy that a little doggie can bring that much joy to our lives, but she has. We truly believe that she was placed on Earth to be matched with us. Cheesy much? Ya, maybe just a little.

finding fido

I’m partnering up with Z Living TV Network in anticipation of their new original series, Finding Fido (premiering January 17th at 9pm), hosted by famed photographer and dog lover, Seth Casteel, to share mine and Phoebe’s story of how we were brought together by fate and how much she has affected our lives.

Josh and I always toyed around with the idea of getting a dog. I think we romanticized the idea of it; playful days with the pup, curled up in bed, and having a loyal companion to go on all our adventures. I mean, don’t all dog people have these dreams? Regardless of our doggie daydreams (I know, it sounds weird), we kinda put the idea of getting one on the backburner.

However, that changed drastically once our neighbors got two Shiba Inus. They were majestic and undeniably cute. And there wasn’t just one, but two! To say we were obsessed (and envious), is a major understatement. We quickly found out the breed and started our hunt for our own Shiba. Fortunately, there was a pet store next to my husband’s old job, so this only enabled this Shiba search even further. So frequent (if not daily) trips were made to see if they had any Shibas. Luckily for us, they always seem to have one or two – however, they were always adopted quickly or we just didn’t mesh well with us. They were great and adorable puppies; we just weren’t their adoptive puppy parents.

So one December day four years ago, we had tickets to go to a fun, Christmas light show in Long Beach. However, the one (one!) day that it rained all year, lead them to cancel the event. I mean, Californians really can’t take the rain… Anyways, since our plans were cancelled, we went to the drawing board to figure out what to do for the day. So naturally, over a couple beers, we thought it we should stop by to see if any Shibas were available. I mean, it was completely rational to buy a dog, at Christmas time, when we just moved into our first apartment together, right? Er, probably not, but we figured there was no harm in spending the afternoon playing and mingling with puppies. Seemed to be the perfect anecdote to an otherwise dreary afternoon.


finding fido   chloe and phoebe december 16


However, lo and behold, as soon as we walked in, we saw Phoebe. She was scrawny, tall, and as soon as she laid her brown eyes on us, I knew we were in trouble. Since we were regulars, they knew that we would want to meet her. As we were walking into the room to meet Phoebe, I got butterflies. Soooo cheesy but oh soooo true! The girl explained to us that she was rescued from a puppy mill and was incredibly fearful of new people. It broke my heart thinking of what this poor, four month puppy had to endure in her short, yet precious, life. Once Josh and I sat down with Phoebe, she immediately came and sat in our laps, and we got this instant connection to her.

It was different and just felt right. This was our pup. We had to get her.


phoebe as puppy


However, we were low, like really low, on funds. We had just moved into our first apartment together and only had funds left to live off of. Yet we were torn. We were in love with this sweet pup and truly believed she knew it too. So, we decided to go to Cheesecake to have a drink to think it through. Did we have the money? Were we capable of having a puppy? How would we take her out when we worked full time? The cons obviously outweighed the pros.


phoebe as puppy 1

We knew this was our pup. Money always comes back. Doggies do not. And after a long, several-month search, we met our pup. All due to a little rain leading us to change our plans. Once we unanimously decided to get Phoebe, we ran back to start the adoption process. So that night, we went home with our sweet Phoebe and maybe, a $100, left to our names. And it was the best decision we’ve ever made!

If you loved my heartwarming story of how we found Phoebe, be sure to tune into Z Living‘s Finding Fido,  as host Seth Casteel helps hopeful pup parents find their perfect dog match made in heaven! No matter what the needs or desires are, Seth will help match prospective owners to the right pup. It’s a win-win for both human and pup, and is sure to bring all the feels this winter. Be sure to watch the premiere of Finding Fido on Z Living, January 17th, starting at 9 PM ET.

Xo, Chloe and Phoebephoebe as puppy3

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