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July 29, 2016

#FlyAwayFriday Travel Blog Link Up

Hey all!

We made it to FRIDAY (insert happy dance and wine emoji here)!
As I have been insinuating on Instagram and Twitter (thanks for following, btw!) I’ve been anxiously excited to announce a blogging venture with my gal pal, Kana, of Life In Wanderlust. If you don’t know her already (which you should get to know ASAP), she’s cool, approachable, fun and super down to earth. Not to mention, her blog is so fun to read, full of fun tips, and super cute! We instantly became Instafriends and sometimes you just click with people, ya know? So if you like me, you’ll like her!
And with that said…..Drum roll please…..
I’m so excited to FINALLY share with you what we’ve been conjuring up! A couple weeks ago, Kana reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in joining her for a link-up (aka blog hopping)? Um, yes please! We both wanted to have a community where we can share, inspire, and build up each other as travel bloggers, with OTHER travel bloggers! How great is that??!!
A place where bloggers help each other a build a positive community! Let’s do this!
So without much further ado, Kana and I present to you: Fly Away Friday!
Every Friday, we will be hosting the link up alternating between Kana and I. We can’t wait to share your fabulous travel-related posts with the Fly Away Friday Community throughout the weekend! It’ll make for some good ole blog hopping and major wanderlust-inducing fun!
And if you don’t know my Insta/Blogger gal pal, now is the time! Read on to see Kana’s Q&A. Also if you wanna know more about me, check out my Q&A at the ever so fab Kana’s Page!
palm springs
Kana from @lifeinwanderlust_
I’m sure you’ll love Kana as much as I do, here are so some fun facts to learn about the other half our of our #FlyAwayFriday babe!!
  1. Where’s home?

    I have a lot of places I consider home. I was born and raised in Tokyo so that’s definitely where my heart is. But I currently live in Los Angeles and also have lived in Portland, Seattle, Detroit and Atlanta; I consider all of those places home!
  2. What kind of work do you do that allows you to travel so much?

    I was most recently a Director of Sales & Marketing for a major hospitality company. I saved a lot of money just in case something happened and it did! I quit my job! I also accumulated a ton of airline miles and hotel points from traveling for work, which helps a lot. I also work part time from home in the education system.
  3. What motivated you to share your travels through social media?

    My passion for photography and writing went perfectly for my new life of traveling. It originally started because I wanted to do it for myself and it turned into much more!
  4. What did you study in school?

    I have my Bachelor’s in Forensic Linguistics & Criminology and my Master’s in Hospitality Marketing & Revenue Management.
  5. What does ‘travel’ mean to you?

    To me, travel means going somewhere outside of where you live. I consider visiting the town next door travel as much as I consider leaving the country travel. Wherever gives you a new experience, I think is traveling.
  6. What camera and/or editing tools do you use?

    I use my iPhone 6S+! My favorite editing app is the LINE Camera and Snapseed.
  7. Who do you travel with?

    Most of the time, I travel with my boyfriend. Other times with family or friends. I have yet to venture into solo traveling.
  8. When did you start traveling?

    Does ‘since conception’ work? My parents were big travelers too so I’ve been very lucky to be able to travel a ton ever since I was born.
  9. Where is your favorite place to visit?

    That’s so hard but I have to say Tokyo. Not only is it the biggest city in the world, it’s my hometown. That means there’s so much to do and so many people to see.
  10. What’s your preferred method of travel/transport?

    I have to say flying is my preferred method. Road trips are fun and so are trains but there’s not much opportunity for me to do either. Also, I’m not crazy about cruising.
  11. Do you have any formal photography or writing training?

    No, I don’t. But my Dad and I took photography very seriously; a dark room, chemical shelves and all. He’s my photography inspiration. As for writing, does going to college count?
  12. What’s the most bizarre thing about you that not many people know?

    I used to be a Federal Police Officer!
  13. Where do you see your ‘brand’ in 5 years?

    Oh wow. I have no idea. I hope that I can maintain it for another 5 years and inspire others to leave their bubble and see the world!
  14. What do you hope to accomplish through Life in Wanderlust?

    As cheesy as this sounds, I want to eventually create a Travel Journal that people love. I cherish physical books and good penmanship. Also, it’s hard to find cute Travel Journals!  
  15. What city do you know well enough that you could be a tour guide?

    Tokyo, Seattle, Portland, Detroit and Los Angeles!
  16. Which social media outlet is your favorite?

    Instagram, hands down.
  17. What’s the hardest thing about blogging?

    For me, it’s having too much to say. If you’ve followed my blog at all, those posts are me trying really hard to shorten them! I can go on and on so it’s hard to stay succinct.
  18. What advice do you have for travel bloggers that are just starting out?

    Have some integrity and don’t expect freebies or money. And by that, I mean 1, don’t buy followers, especially because brands can check that now and 2, if you start your Travel venture hoping for free hotel stays or for someone to fly you out for vacation, you’ll burn out. Do it because you love it. Do it and not expect to get anything in return.
  19. When traveling, do you have strict plans or do you play it by ear?

    I usually have fairly strict plans because the fear of wasting time gives me anxiety.
  20. What type of traveler do you consider yourself – luxury, backpacker, road less traveled, etc?

    If I have to categorize myself, probably luxury. Or let’s say mid-luxury. You won’t see me in a $5,000 hotel room bathing in rose petals but you also won’t see me backpacking and trying to get a tent up.

fly away friday

I can’t wait to see this community of ours grow, inspire each other and create a positive creative place. I honestly CANNOT wait to share all the great content out there! In addition to sharing your posts with us, make sure you’re following Kana on (Instagram/Twitter) and myself for the #FlyAwayFriday fun!
I’m so excited to be ending this productive work week on such a high note! To be able to grow a community with other fun and adventurous travel bloggers is such a dream come true! So go out there, be your bad self and get into a little trouble!! Haha! Happy Friday everyone!

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