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May 17, 2017

My First Mother’s Day

chloe and camden

Firstly, I’d like to start by saying Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there. I hope you all know how amazing and loved you are…

It’s still quite surreal that I’m a mom and that I got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day this year. I mean, with Cam hitting just one month as of Sunday, I am still wrapping my head around being his mommy. So with that coinciding with my first Mother’s Day, it took awhile for it to sink that my little family was celebrating me as a mommy.

My First Mother’s Day

With Cam only being one month old and born a couple weeks early, we’re still in that precautionary stage of avoiding big crowds until he hits the 6 week mark (per his pediatricians recommendation). So naturally, that meant going out to a traditional Mother’s Day brunch was out of the question.

I basically told Josh that I would love for him to come up with a fun day to commemorate my first Mother’s Day. And what Josh came up with was just what I wanted (and needed).

It was sweet and low-key and it was absolutely perfect.

On the morning of Mother’s Day, I had been up with Cam a couple times to do the usual feedings and diaper changes. It was around 7 or 8 am when Josh asked if he could take Cam with him as he ran to the store to pick up some things for the day. I was laying back in bed to take a little nap to catch up on zzz’s because at this point, I felt like a zombie. I was fighting him on it because I love having Cam next to me, even if he is being fussy. So after about a minute or so going back and forth, I let up and agreed to let Josh take him so I can catch up on much needed sleep.

And oh my goodness it felt amazing!!!

I woke up feeling rested and to seeing Josh cooking me breakfast in the kitchen. He was cooking one of our breakfast faves: a cheesy, sausage egg casserole. Upon smelling it, I immediately knew this was going to be the best day. Especially since breakfast for me as of late consists of milk and Frosted Mini Wheats (it’s quick and easy haha). And not only was he making breakfast, but he already had coffee made and bought me the cutest coffee mug from Target that says Mommy Fuel on it with my favorite coffee creamer.

It’s those little nuggets of thoughtfulness that make my heart so happy.

Josh gave me the run down on how his first outing alone with Cam went. It was so cute to see him talking about it and knowing that he had bonded with Cam. I had heard that you go through a second honeymoon phase with your significant other when you become parents and this was definitely aiding in that. Seeing Josh is another light since having Cam opens up a space in your heart for your husband you didn’t know you had, nor did you think you can have more room in your heart. And my heart was bursting by this point…

Once Josh had pulled out the hot breakfast (which he also bought croissants – another fave of mine!!), he gave me the prettiest bouquet of yellow roses and the sweetest card. I think there is something so simple and personal about hand written cards, especially since everything this day and age is done electronically and by text. Call me old fashioned, but it’s so nice and meaningful to see a heartfelt message actually written out.

At this point, Josh gave me the rundown of what he had planned for the day: a trip up to the mountains to walk around, have a picnic and come back to unwind by BBQing at home.

I felt so energized thanks to the additional sleep (which is the greatest gift when your a new parent!!) and got ready for the day. We drove up to Breckenridge to enjoy the beautiful weather and hang out for a bit up there.

After being up in the mountains for a bit, we decided to head back down to Denver to go to our favorite park and have a picnic. This was something that we did a lot of last summer and has really become one of our favorite pastimes. It was during these picnics that we talked thoroughly about planning and starting a family – so it was surreal to see it come full circle with Cam in tow. Again, I thought my heart was going to explode.

It was moments like that where parenthood and motherhood has really grounded me in a sense that I don’t need much to be happy in the sense of a big fancy dinner or extravagant gifts. I was perfectly happy catching some extra sleep, getting flowers and a card, and spending time with my sweet family. It’s so cliche but oh so true that when you have kids, you just want to hang out with them on Mother’s Day. And the thouhtful gifts like the coffee mug and cute black dress were such added bonuses on top!

It was such a mellow and relaxing day and it was an absolutely perfect way to celebrate my first mother’s day. To top it off, Cam acted like the sweetest angel, barely fussing at all and the weather was absolutely perfect! To see Josh put in so much effort in all the little details made me feel so appreciated and I cannot wait to return the favor for him on Father’s Day next month!!

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  • Jeanette Leone Skirvin

    ~a perfect motherhood essay on a first Mother’s Day so sweetly expressed ~ bless Man for he makes a mother of Woman

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