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November 15, 2016

Escaping Reality to Rocky Mountain National Park

bear lake Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park has always had a special place in our hearts. It’s been a place of escape and a nice respite when we need to run away from reality. Maybe it has something to do with being amongst nature and the fact that there is no cell phone reception, but we find Rocky Mountain National Park to be just magic. 

There is nothing quite like sigh of relief I get driving down Highway 36 and seeing Estes Park appear at the base of the foothills. The city, which may be small, has quite a big impact on my well being. It’s weird, and at times, I find it hard to find the words to explain it. But escaping reality and heading to the mountains puts a spell on me and just makes me so damn happy. 

Escaping to Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

Spending the day at RMNP is so doable, especially since it’s about an hour and half away from Denver. Whether you leave early in the morning or spend the night in Estes Park, Rocky Mountain makes for such a fun weekend getaway from the Denver metro.

One of the things I love about visiting RMNP is the abundance of beauty and the lack of cell service. Haha. For reals though, it feels so good to turn off the ole brain, take in the fresh air and be completely surrounded by nature. I love being surrounded by the peace and quiet of the mountains and giving my brain the chance to just stop overthinking and take in the beauty of life. 

Estes Park Colorado

It funny to me that over the course of the past two years of living in Denver, that I’ve slowly turned into more and more of a mountain person. Having grown up on the California coast in San Clemente, I’ve always retreated to the beach when I was having a bad day. I would go down to the beach and reconnect with nature to take my mind off things. It always seemed to be the perfect place to find some peace and collect my thoughts.

Well, fast forward to present day, the mountains are now our happy place and luckily for us, there is an abundance of them in our own backyard!! So whenever we feel like we are losing sense of control in our lives, we head north to RMNP.

bear lake Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

us national parks colorado estes park

Hiking around Bear Lake

Quite possibly one of my favorite places in RMNP, if not Colorado. It’s stunning, quiet, and just all around peaceful. Even on it’s busiest day, you can find some peace and seclusion to connect with nature.

fall in colorado

I have to say, when we head to RMNP, that a hike around Bear Lake is a must! It’s easy, flat and really close to the parking lot. I know that sounds really lazy, but I secretly love it’s close proximity to the car. Haha. The hike around Bear Lake is probably about a mile (give or take – I’m not good with distance) and provides beautiful 360 degree views of the Rockies. 

bear lake RMNP

….and it is soooo beautiful!!!

RMNP guide colorado

For real, I highly recommend it. You can also add on a hike up to the Nymph, Emerald and Dream Lakes in one direction or head to Bierstadt Lake in the other. We attempted the Nymph Lake route but when your pregnant (surprise!!!), out of drinking water and up +9,400 feet above sea level, it gets tiring real quick. So needless to say, we retreated back to our car to get food in nearby Estes Park. 

bear lake RMNP

So whether you feel like you are losing sense of your world or just overwhelmed with life, RMNP is the perfect place to escape for a bit. We all cope with stress in different ways, and for me, reconnecting with nature works wonders for my mental state. When you head on your next trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, you’re in for a treat. You’ll instantly be at peace and in a place of calm. 

I’d love to know from y’all, where do you seek refuge when your world is a little crazy?

RMNP colorado

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  • stunning scenery!

  • Mountains are a happy place for me too. My husband and I spent our honeymoon and 1st anniversary in Pigeon Forge, our 2nd in the Alps, and our upcoming third will be in the Blue Ridge mountains. I even have a mountain range tattoo! I haven’t been to the Rocky Mountains but I would surely love too! Your photos definitely make it look lovely.

    And congratulations!!

  • Tracy McConnachie Collins

    Looks like a stunning place to spend some relaxation – Beautiful photographs too!

    So many places to visit in the US! Hopefully we will get to spend a reasonable amount of time travelling round to see it all!


  • The mountains are the one thing I miss the most about living in Illinois. I loved living at the base of the Wasatch mountains when I lived in Utah. But I traded the mountains for Lake Michigan- which I love. I grew up near mountains and water so one of the two isn’t bad.

    And congratulations on your new little one on the way! I’m so happy for you! I wish you a healthy pregnancy with no complications.

  • TravelBlond

    no cell phone service? yes, please!!! Its my favorite part of visiting national parks. Im holding a temporary job offer for Rocky Mountains Park and I saw your blog post! I guess its a sign! Hope to tee this place in few months. Gorgeous photos as always !

  • This looks so beautiful! And I love the fact you can just be surrounded by the mountains with no cellphone distractions, and simply breathe in beautiful nature around you. It’s looks like the perfect place to disconnect & re-centre. Beautiful photos too! #flyawayfriday

  • These photos are dreamy! I love the light.

    I’ve been to RMNP once when I was quite young, and I’ve been to Estes Park recently. I’ve never been a mountain person, though. I have always hated cold weather & snow, but now I’ve changed my tune as well. I LOVE the mountains. Something about the fresh air in the mountains, it really makes you feel more relaxed. I tend to head anywhere outdoors for refuge.

    I really want to re-visit RMNP for some hiking–maybe next summer!

  • Oh wow! Will love to visit this National Park. If possible, would like to stay two or three days. Your comment about becoming a mountain person resonates with me. Being from Puerto Rico, I prefer the beach. But, I have started to discover California’s Sierra and have to say the feeling is incredible. #FlyAwayFriday

  • David Johnston

    When I think of Colorado I think of mountains, but I didn’t realise just how beautiful it was there. I love visiting mountain areas and it looks so majestic and peaceful there. Pretty cool that you can just pop over there whenever you want. Stunning photos too! #FlyAwayFriday

  • Love those pictures! Looks so damn peaceful. I’d love to head over and visit some of the National Parks, something I haven’t experienced yet…. #FlyAwayFriday

  • Danielle from Boots not Roots

    Love the pictures! The mountains and/or hiking is my escape as well. It’s just so peaceful. Thanks for sharing! #flyawayfriday

  • Love those mountains! I grew up in the Rockies, and living in flatlands now is sometimes depressing. So, getting a chance to gain some altitude always improves my attitude. 🙂 Congrats on the little hiker on the way, too! #FlyAwayFriday

  • nattiekaf

    it’s so true, getting into nature and turning off the world, or phone is the best stress relief!

  • claudi

    I would love to go the RMNP one day! Your photos are amazing! And the lack of cell service… yeah it was the same at Joshua Tree National Park and in the first place it felt weird not to be able to text or call, but than it was super cool to concentrate on nature and the trip! #flyawayfriday

  • Lynne Sarao

    I just got back from a trip to 5 National Parks in Utah and was so amazed by the beauty and serenity I felt while exploring nature. I’ll have to add RMNP and a hike around Bear Lake to my list of must-dos for the future. Great photos! #flyawayfriday

  • How gorgeous are all your photos! I am becoming more of a mountain girl myself too, but the only problem is, there aren’t many mountains in Sydney apart from the gorgeous Blue Mountains. I would love to visit the states just for the amazing national parks I have come to know through your wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing!

  • Editor-in-Style Good

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I have yet to hit Colorado and the Rockies, but your post has definitely convinced me to make the trip. The lakes look incredibly clean and the air as fresh as ever! #flyawayfridays

  • I love all the photos! Is it your hubby? If so, kudos! My fiance isn’t quite as good yet, haha! #FlyAwayFriday

  • Krista Marie ↟

    These photos are so beautiful! I would definitely love to explore here someday!

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