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December 21, 2016

Our Dearest Baby Boy…

second trimester pregnancy recap

It’s amazing how you can already love somebody so much and not have technically meant them yet. Well, that’s how both Josh and I feel about our little baby boy…

Yes… IT’s a BOY!!!

It’s funny because we waited for this day for sooooo long and I was a little nervous going into our ultrasound. A part of me loved still guessing, like, “oh today, I’m definitely having girl vibes” or texting my friends my symptoms and getting their input on what they thought Baby Hahn would be. I had all these ideas swirling around in my head of boy outfits or girl names. To be quite honest, I was all over the place…

So when we went into our ultrasound, I’m always taken aback. It’s amazing to lay there, looking at our little baby, moving on the big screen. It’s just so amazing and whenever they turn on the sound for the heartbeat, I lose it. It really is extraordinary.

During this ultrasound, Josh was squeezing my hand and bless his heart, my hand was so sweaty from nerves haha. Our technician had asked prior to starting if we knew the sex and if we wanted to find out….

The answer, “No!!” and “We’re dyinggg to know!!!” – haha!!

So as she did her thing and measurements, I was just in awe of the whole thing and suddenly it’s like, “yep, there are some boy parts! It’s a boy!”

The words interrupted my amazement of the whole thing… and at this moment, a part of Josh and I were silent, just kinda taking it in. I think we were also silent since we both thought it would be a girl – whether we vocalized that or not.

And once those sweet words of, “it’s a boy” settled in, I lost it.

Like watching a Nicholas Sparks movie kinda lost it.

While I am an emotional person, I’m usually quite good at keeping composure. But I freaking lost it.

(I’m one of those people who cries and someone will ask, “are you crying?” and I’ll start saying “no, I don’t know what you’re talking about!!” haha…damn pregnancy emotions got me like…)

We both just looked at each other without speaking and kissed each other – a little baby boy. We just kinda laughed because of all the giddyness and nerves and continued to watch our baby boy continuously kick mommy and have a jolly ole time. He definitely knows how to put on a show…. not sure where he got that from….

So now all the fun begins…

its a boy gender reveal boy reveal

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it's a boy

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Now that we know we’re having our sweet baby boy, I honestly cannot wait! I’ve been giddy thinking about all of our adventures; hiking, camping, fishing, adventuring. Good thing living in Colorado these past two years has unleashed my inner tomboy! Any other boy mamas get instantly excited about doing fun boy stuff again? I kept thinking, we gotta get Cam in snowboarding, boy scouts with daddy, camping at National Parks, etc. etc.

(if you didn’t know by know…I’m a planner…totally normal…)

And since I’m a planner, we do already have a name….

Drumroll please….

Camden. Not sure on Middle. Hahn.

Our little Cam man

Less than five (hopefully!) months, we will meet his precious face and hold his tiny hands. Mommy and daddy can’t wait to kiss his little face. And Phoebe can’t wait to lick him. And we can’t wait to shower him with love and show him this beautiful world.

It will be our greatest adventure. Ok, I am going to go cry now…( like happy tears… obvs)…

Love always xo,


its a boy gender reveal boy reveal


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  • Congratulations! Boys are so much fun. They’re crazy and active even from a young age but they also love to snuggle.

    • aww thank you sooo much Allison!! We’re so excited! I know he’s going to keep us on our toes, thats for sure!!

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