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May 23, 2017

Camden is One Month Old!

camdens one month old

I can’t believe my little Cam is one month old – well, technically one month and a couple days but who’s counting 🙂 I want to say I can’t believe how fast it went. But I have to say, I felt like this month has been the right amount of time. I’m trying to soak in every late night feeding and cuddle, no matter how exhausted I am. And I’m also loving how he sometimes won’t stop fussing unless he’s sleeping in my arms…

This past month has been one of the hardest, most rewarding, love filling, happiest, exhausting months of my life. 

It’s quite amazing how he came into our lives and our world has been forever changed. I suddenly understand my parents a lot more. I feel more love than ever before. And I have discovered a place in my heart that I never knew existed.

Basically, your heart becomes a room with wide open windows. 

And since I share so much of my life with you guys, I can’t wait to share bits and pieces of little Cam’s life with you all.

Camden’s one month old update


Measured at 6 lbs 5 oz at his 4 week appointment & 21 inches

Since our little Camden was born early, I had a sneaky suspicion that he’d be on the smaller side. When we went in for our 35 week ultrasound, Cam was measuring on the small side – in the 38th percentile and about 5 lbs 7oz. He was healthy and big enough which was a relief. Especially since we were already talking being induced early at this point.

When we had Cam induced early at 37 weeks and born at 37 weeks & 1 day, he measured at 21 inches and 5 lbs 12 oz – so he really didn’t grow much between 35 & 37 weeks (baby usually grows about .5 lb a week at this point. Or so I was told). We were discharged when Cam was four days old (I had a c-section) and his weight had dropped to 5 lbs 4oz and man was he tiny.

We saw his pediatrician about 4 or 5 times last month to monitor his growth and were placed on a “feed every 2 hours” schedule. And wow, was that rough. Especially when we had to wake him to feed. My supply was still slowly coming in and his pediatrician wanted us to supplement here and there with Similac Neosure. I felt conflicted giving him formula because I so badly wanted him to be exclusively breastfed but fed really is best. Especially when your little one needs to pack on the poundage.

And did Cam eat. I found out what cluster feeding meant real quick. Luckily around this time, my breast milk came in and was able to meet his demanding feeding schedule. I knew we just had to get Cam to 6lbs by the end of 4 weeks so when he measured at 6 lbs 5oz, we were so excited!!!

“Waking up”

Our pediatrician told us that newborns have an “awakening” around 3-6 weeks and Cam was right on schedule with that one. So what waking up means is that newborns are suddenly more alert and wake up a little bit from their usual sleeping, eating and pooping schedules. I was thrilled because I wanted to see some life and do a little more than just wait for him to wake up. It’s so fun watching him take in the world when we go on walks and see his little eyes light up responding to various sounds.

Also, his doctor recommended we get a playmat for him to play on. I was so excited because it has definitely piqued his curiousity and it’s so fun to watch him discover. He does get fussy after being on it after a while but I’ve noticed lately he’s having more fun with it!!

Unfortunately, with the waking up phase, comes a much more fussy stage.


Cam has bouts of fussiness that has literally driven me to tears. It makes me so sad that I don’t know what to do quite yet (if anything at all) to take away Cam’s fussiness.

And let me get this straight, he’s not fussy all the time. He just had these bouts during week four and he’s had them very rarely this week. I feel like we’re finally picking up on his cues and learning more about him, which I think helps. I mentioned it to his pediatrician and she said it’s most likely related to the waking up phase and his growth spurts.

Please wish us luck for less and less fussiness (insert praying emoji here…)

Favorite things:

If you follow me on Instagram and see my stories, you guys clearly know that I’m obsessed with Cam. I love watching him when he sleeps. Haha if you think that sounds creepy, wait until you have your own child…

I love taking him on long walks and popping in my ear phones and listen to my country music on Pandora (best way to zone out!!!)

Seeing Cam and Josh bond is the cutest thing ever…it makes my heart explode from all the cuteness.

Seeing Cam with Phoebe is just as cute too. I was so happy seeing how seamless it was bringing Cam home. I think it helps that Phoebe is an independent dog and bring home Cam didn’t change much. I think if we brought home another dog though it’d be a different story…

I’m obsessed with all of Cam’s little clothes. And y’all should’ve seen him in his premie clothes. They are sooo tiny and make newborn onesies look huge! They are too cute! Luckily, he’s filled out and is now in his newborn clothes and I love seeing his little round belly and legs/arms getting chubbier by the day! I also love holding him when he’s all swaddled up. It’s so sweet!!

Goals for Month 2:

Engage and play more. Read more books. Take advantage of interacting and engaging with him while he’s awake. I love talking to him when I rock him and can’t wait to carry on that habit.

“Attempt” to get him on a schedule. I have it in quotes because yes, I do realize he’s a newborn but I’d love to start a routine for him in the evening: bath time, read a story, feed, rock and love on him until he falls asleep. We tried it tonight and he went down after 15 minutes of Josh feeding and rocking him. And I’ll take it!! Who knows how much success it’ll bring but I think it brings a sweet end to the day. Josh is currently asleep and I am catching up on blogging time 🙂

Continue working on my breast milk supply. I know this is more of a personal goal but it helps feed our little Camnito. Right now, I am trying to work on a supply and so far, I have 1 frozen reserve. I guess being a stay at home mom, I don’t really need much of a supply, but I would love to have one for those “when in doubt” moments. Currently, I’m feeding him whenever he needs it and pumping about 30-60 minutes after. Fingers crossed that it works out for us!!

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  • Jeanette Leone Skirvin

    Bless you and Josh in your love for precious Camden ~~~ I remember vividly the ‘fussies’; those times that create frustrations in the parent because a baby’s cries are his communications not yet translated by his sensitive parents. But like magic the baby’s wails, whines, bleats and squalls will be transcribed in an unique language only his devoted parents intimately understand. And yes….. I insert 1000 prayer emoji here ~~~

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