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April 10, 2017

Bump Date: 36 Weeks

It’s been a long time since I’ve covered my pregnancy… And trust me, I will definitely be backtracking and posting more about it. A lot has happened and I honestly cannot believe that I’m 36 weeks pregnant! And what’s even crazier is that this will be my last week pregnant. I will be induced this Thursday, April 13th when I hit 37 weeks and we will get to meet our sweet little boy 3 weeks sooner than anticipated. I’m sure some of you are wondering why and I’ll definitely get you guys all caught up to speed.

Bump Date: 36 Weeks

So since I haven’t done a bump date in God knows how long, let me fill you in on how we’ve been doing since our babymoon in California. Since I think that was the last time I talked about how I was feeling, baby was doing and all that good stuff 🙂 

Up until about week 26-28, I was lucky enough to have a pretty easy going pregnancy. I had a good attitude going into it which I think really helped deal with the up and downs of pregnancy. I had days where I laid in bed all day long and days where I dry heaved so badly I threw my back out (haha it was horrible!). But I also had days where I didn’t even feel pregnant and felt like the energizer bunny. So all in all, it really wasn’t that bad and I was just so happy to be pregnant with our little boy. 

So when I hit the 3rd trimester in February, I started to feel off. And since this is my first pregnancy, I don’t have much to compare it to in terms of symptoms and wasn’t sure if what I was feeling was just late pregnancy or what. I was bummed because I started to feel 1st trimester symptoms all over again: nausea, vomiting (which is really odd with a baby bump btw haha), all over body fatigue, dull consistent headaches, and body aches.

At my 28th week appt, I mentioned the symptoms to my Ob/Gyn and she mentioned that some women do get 1st trimester symptoms again in the 3rd (some have it throughout their pregnancies too). She also mentioned that my blood pressure was starting to creep up (esp my diastolic # which is the bottom #) and it wasn’t something to be ignored.

So after going over my symptoms, she decided she wanted me to start coming in weekly for routine blood pressure checks. In addition to weekly checks, she wanted us to buy a BP cuff for me to check my blood pressure at home and twice a day. She also ordered blood tests to see if anything else was going on. All my blood work came back good with the exception that I was anemic and would need to up my intake of iron supplements. Regardless, she still wanted me to come in weekly to make sure everything progressed ok.    

So two weeks came and gone and I was feeling pretty good. The random vomiting had subsided and my energy levels had started to increase – something I was so happy about since I was starting to feel like a zombie! I was starting to feel like myself again and I was so relieved!!

It wasn’t until the morning of my 34 week appointment that I felt totally off. When the nurse measured my blood pressures, she got over 140/90 in both arms. She came back in about 10 minutes later with hopes they have gone down and they had only gone up. They brought in the fetal monitor to start tracking for us (Cam & I) for 20 minutes to make sure we were ok. Luckily, Cam is doing amazing and his little heart rate is perfectly healthy. They ultimately decided that it wasn’t enough to send me to labor & delivery triage. But I was given strict orders to eliminate any extra stress, reduce my work load, stop traveling, and rest. My Ob had me go down to have Quest run more blood work and to follow up Thursday with an ultrasound in the morning and back in the afternoon to check my blood pressures. 

So that Thursday morning, we had our ultrasound and it was so great to see little Cam. We hadn’t had an ultrasound since our 19 week anatomy scan so it was crazy to see him again. It was crazy to see him look so much bigger and he was measuring great – at 5lbs 7oz and in the 38th percentile for his size 🙂 He was also head down which was also great news. Things were looking up so we were hopeful going into our afternoon appointment.

Well, at my appointment, my blood pressures were high – 156/100 – something. And my Ob immediately had her nurse walk me over to labor and delivery triage to be placed under observation. It was crazy because it kinda gave an insight as to what it’ll be like when we go in to deliver. And basically we stayed for a few hours and hooked up to the fetal monitor, BP’s checked, and had more tests run. The on-call Ob was amazing and he said that we were able to go home and to follow up in the morning. He also said that I have gestational hypertension and that I’m borderline preeclamptic and be induced at either 37 or 38 weeks.

So that brings us to why were being induced this Thursday. My Ob ultimately decided after the morning follow up and seeing her again on Monday that we induce early. Gestational Hypertension is reason enough to be induced at 37 weeks. My Ob also wanted to watch my symptoms, blood work and urine samples (for protein levels) to see if Preeclampsia shows up. My Ob explained that Preeclampsia can sometimes just “show up” so it’s something we have to monitor very closely.

So that brings us to today. We had a follow up this morning and were all set to start the induction process starting Wednesday night! It’s pretty wild and it’s so hard to pin point a single emotion – we’re excited/anxious/scared/on cloud 9/like all sorts of emotions.  

My Ob measured me today and so far I’m only 1 cm dilated so our game plan for induction is as follows: we check in Wednesday night at 9:30, start Cerdivil to hopefully get my cervix to dilate and get contractions to start. If after 12 hours they haven’t kicked in, then we start Pitocin to really get things going. I’m feeling pretty confident and comfortable with that plan. We had a great experience with the hospital staff when we were in triage and absolutely love our Ob so we know we’re in good hands. In my opinion, that makes all the difference and definitely helps calms our nerves!!

We definitely plan to spend the last couple days hanging out at home, taking it easy, get in tons of Phoebe cuddles (I seriously wish I can bring her into the hospital haha) and get everything all packed and ready.

I can’t wait to share with you guys all the updates and introduce our little man!! Thank you all so much for the encouraging words and advice throughout my pregnancy, it meant so much to me!!

XO, Chloe   

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