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January 23, 2017

Bump Date: 25 Weeks & Counting…

25 weeks pregnant pregnancy maternity fashion second trimester

Woohoo!! Giving myself a little cheer {insert happy dance} because someway, somehow, I’ve made it to 25 weeks! Well, 25 weeks and 4 days. AND 101 days left but who’s counting? (Us obviously) But seriously I’m loving this stage of pregnancy and seriously savoring it! I’m starting to feel the growing aches and pains so I know it wont be too long before I feel like a whale! I know it’s been a while since my last update (like 7 weeks!) and a lot has happened since then!!

25 Weeks Bump Date

25 weeks pregnant pregnancy maternity fashion second trimester

25 weeks pregnant pregnancy maternity fashion second trimester

how amazing is this wall? It’s right outside Black Eye Coffee in Cap Hill

25 weeks pregnant pregnancy maternity fashion second trimester

25 weeks pregnant pregnancy maternity fashion second trimester

Since my last “bump date”, a lot has happened. We found out the sex (BOY!), picked a name, Camden, went on a trip to NYC, & started picking up things here and there. And it is seriously so much fun! Shopping for a baby is seriously so much more fun than shopping for yourself… The little clothes and little animal ear hats seriously kill me… like dead. They are so cute and want to buy them all!! And the best part of this stage? I am finally starting to feel like myself again. Since my thought process is all over the place (ohhh prego brain!), I’m gonna share all the fun in cleaner, much easier to read, paragraphs. 

How am I feeling?

Great! Some days I don’t feel pregnant and it’s really weird. Like I have to seriously remind myself haha but Cam gives me a little reminder from him in the evening when he wants to start kicking. And baby kicks are the craziest, most amazing experience ever. The other day, we were lucky to catch him around 6 pm when Josh came home and Josh was able to feel them. I love it when we can experience them together because I know it has to help Josh feel more connected to the whole experience. Cam seems to really “act up” when I have my morning coffee or lay down to go to sleep (why?!). But I know it’s something I can’t get back once he’s here so I am really, really savoring it. 

On the flip side of feeling good, I am also starting to get the usual aches and pains that come with pregnancy. Some of you know that I’ve complained about ligament pains in past bump dates and those are still there. It’s amazing how something so benign can feel so painful. In addition to the ligament pains, I am starting to get uncomfortable if I sit too long or lay on my left side too long. Which, most of us pregos know, is like the only side really recommended by my dr to sleep on. Sometimes it’s just a dull aches but other times, it can feel fractured. Like what the eff, little man? 

Overall though, I am so happy about where we’re at with our nugget, his health and mine. Continuously thanking God for our little blessing and praying for good health here on out! 

Have you bought anything?

YES!! We’ve spent several weekends “test driving” strollers and kept coming back to the Uppababy’s. We’ve had a hard time “pulling the trigger” because they are pricy but we both loved how easy, light, and efficient they were. Since we travel so much, the travel system really sold me. Additionally, I get stressed easy (haha. working on it) and hate how hard/difficult/annoying some strollers and car seats can be. It also helped a ton when all the moms and dads at BuyBuyBaby & Nordstrom told us to get it. 

It was worth it, they said. You should get it, they said…

But again, we had a hard time spending that much dinero on the stroller. However, low and behold, whilst shopping at BuyBuyBaby, we saw one of their Uppababy Cruz’s on sale for $399 (usually $529)…. Come again? The color combo was beautiful (steel grey & navy blue) and perfect for our little man. The sales girl informed us that it was their sales model and it had been discounted to make room for the new 2017’s. It looked gorgeous, brand new and had never been used, other than being wheeled around the store a couple times. So needless to say, we were sold! We have it sitting, folded up, in our living room and I can’t wait to start using it!! 

In addition to our stroller, we’ve gotten a ton of clothes! It’s hard not to! They are all so cute, tiny, soft, and so adorable! We’re waiting on our next big purchases (such as bassinet/crib/changing table) until we move into our new apartment because ours is currently running out of space. haha. 

Are we doing a baby moon?

YES! So if you follow along, you know we went from planning a trip to Europe, to a trip to Hawaii, to now a few shorter, easier trips. Why? Because when we flew home from NYC – Denver (4.5 hour flight), it was pure hell and I felt so sick upon arrival. It may have been just that day, but I don’t wanna risk jet lag, being uncomfortable on a long ass flight, or get sick. So after a long talk with Josh, we both arrived to the conclusion and decided on doing shorter/easier trips and do our big ones once he’s here! 

So far we have planned:

NYC – Done in December – read here!

Aspen – done last weekend – read here!

California Road Trip – February – Going to San Diego, OC, Palm Springs, LA, Santa Barbara, Central Coast, Big Sur & SF! Seriously so excited to take our time going up the coast. 

Then hopefully getting Moab, Jackson Hole & another mountain getaway before he gets here! I technically shouldn’t fly after April 6th so we’ve got some time. Currently, were focusing/planning our CA road trip and really looking forward to our trips once he’s here this summer and fall! Honestly cannot wait!

Anything else?

Slowly but surely, I am starting to need maternity clothing. I haven’t gained that much weight and am starting to get a bump. I can still get away with my regular clothes but know that buying some maternity jeans will be inevitable. Thanks to all the amazing mommy bloggers on Insta, y’all have suggested H&M maternity jeans! At some point this week, I’ll be making my way over there to get me a pair, or three! Also, I saw some amazing deals for maternity shirts on Asos and know there will be some major damage done there. I also have some collaborations coming up and cannot wait for my arrivals! Seriously so excited! 

As for everything else, life seems to be moving a long like normal. No complaints and just enjoying life, especially on the days when I feel good! Haha! I can’t wait to share more with y’all and follow along for more pregnancy news, maternity fashion and fun updates because there’s a lot coming!! 

Xo, Chloe

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