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September 8, 2016

Behind the Blog Week 3: Pinterest 101

One of the things I love most about blogging are the relationships you meet in the blogosphere and the ability to help one another. I want you all to know that I read your comments and saw a common thread on the first Behind the Blog post. Seems that media kits and Pinterest are topics we all want to discuss. And I don’t blame you. It took me a long time to even consider dipping my toe in the Pinterest pond. Looking back, I wish I cannon balled into that pool a long, long time ago. So I am starting off this Behind the Blog Week 3 series with a Pinterest 101. Basically, sharing why Pinterest is a great tool and why we shouldn’t fear (or resist) it. Within the next week or two, I will post a more thorough guide to Pinterest for bloggers.

behind the blog week 3

Behind the Blog Week 3: Pinterest 101

This weeks post is mainly an explanation as to why bloggers need to get their booties over to Pinterest and work that shit asap. Pardon my French, but for reals you guys. Bloggers really need to utilize Pinterest. It provides the best marketing and longest promotion outreach than any other platform out there. 

Don’t believe me? Hear me out.

So, we may use Instagram most. And that’s fine. I love Instagram and happen to get a lot of exposure on there and connect with various brands that way. But if your end goal is gaining more followers, daily page views, and actually have your blog posts read, then relying on Instagram won’t get you the numbers you want.

The length of time Instagram gives your post’s exposure is as long as you leave the direct link to desired blog post in your bio. If your like me, I may have that “direct link in bio” up for 2-3 days, or refresh it I have a new post.

Not to mention, I recently spoke with local bloggers who know me from Instagram and they admitted that they have never actually seen my blog.


Don’t be. How many times (if at all) a day/week/month do you visit your Instagram fave’s blog? Interesting thing to think about, huh?

Once we get past the idea of relying solely on one platform for exposure, we as bloggers become more open to other marketing platforms.


So in walks Pinterest…

Let’s be honest, Pinterest looks daunting. With all of it’s cute pictures, it’s repining and whatnot, it can scare off even the most confident techie.

But don’t let it scare you. Once you get the hang of it, it’s very easy and you’ll start to reap the benefits real quick.

So what are the benefits of Pinterest?

The biggest benefit of Pinterest is that it gives your blog posts and marketing efforts the longest shelf life.

Think about this… go to Pinterest, check out a popular pin (one with over 1k repins), click to go to blog page and see when it was written.

Those trending pins that you see almost every time you log in may be months or years old. That’s a long time y’all. Way longer than 2-3 days on Instagram or mere minutes (more like seconds) on Twitter.

In addition to being the best blogging promotional tool, it helps drive a ton of traffic to your blog.

Since starting Pinterest only 6 months ago, I receive 66% of my 10k+ monthly views from Pinterest. Without it, I’d be hitting 3,000-4,000/month for page views. Which is still great, but with Pinterest, I have more readers, gained new followers, and have my posts read on the reg.


How do I get started with Pinterest?

I never thought you would ever ask… Sorry that was bad but for reals, I’ll be putting together a Pinterest Guide for Beginners in the next week or two. I hope to have it ready for y’all for next weeks edition so please bear with me. I want it to be both easy to understand and fun!

Additionally, if you have any questions please reach out to me. And I’ll leave you with this one question: What would you like to see or know about Pinterest?



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  • Pinterest is seriously a MUST for bloggers. I only started using it routinely in the last few months, but it’s made all the difference. Even without a lot of followers on Pinterest, you still get so much exposure & traffic.

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