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May 9, 2017

Baby Time: What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

what to pack in your hospital bag

I didn’t start packing until the day we were scheduled to be induced. Since I knew when I was going in, I was pretty lax about the whole thing. I also procrastinated because it gave me something to do that day (we didn’t check in until 9:30 at night!!). So I needless to say, I had a lot of time to pack, unpack, and pack again. Haha. But before I started packing, I looked to other bloggers and Pinterest to see their advice on what to pack in your hospital bag. I didn’t want to overpack or leave something out.

Luckily, our hospital was right next to a Target (thank God!) just in case I forgot something. But for the most part, I think I did pretty good for being a first time mom! And since I wrote this after I delivered Cam, I can share what to pack in your hospital bag and what not to leave at home. 

what to pack in your hospital bag

what to pack in your hospital bag

what to pack in your hospital bag

items for mama

baby gap items for baby cam

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For mama:

Night gowns or button down PJ set: I brought a couple with me and glad I did. Since I wound up having a c-section, we were in the hospital for a total of 5 nights. Even though I spent the majority of my time in hospital gowns, it was nice to have some comfortable night gowns to make me feel like a normal person. Also, make sure they are easy to nurse in. I got these from Target and currently live in them now! I also brought this grey button down shirt and short PJ set and it was so comfortable! The button down was so cute and very easy to breast feed in.

Robe: Hospitals can be cold and with fluctuating hormones, I loved being able to throw on my robe to help keep me warm. Also, when I grew restless in labor, it was nice to put on my robe on over my hospital gown when I went for a walk through Labor & Delivery. Like my nightgowns, I wear this robe all the time now that Cam ix born!!

Nursing bras: If you plan on nursing, be sure to wear some comfy nursing bras. I brought three and so glad I did (hence, I was in the hospital for nearly a week!). Be prepared to start nursing shortly after you get in recovery. I was surprised how fast after my c-section the nurse wanted me to start breast feeding!!

Toiletries Bag: Makeup wipes, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, Aquaphor (my skin dried out so bad!), light makeup for pictures (foundation, mascara, eyeliner, blush, blush brush), nipple cream, nipple pads (you don’t want to leak), travel shampoo + conditioner, hair ties, hair brush, prenatals

Slippers: I’m not a big sock person so I love wearing slippers to keep my feet warm. If you do want fuzzy socks, the hospital does provide some pretty comfy ones, even though they are pretty ugly.

Cute comfy going home outfit: I still looked about 6 months pregnant when I was discharged so I made sure that I packed something comfortable, yet cute. I wore maternity leggings with band, loose grey top, and comfortable nude slides.

Big (ugly) underwear: If case you haven’t heard, you bleed a lot after having a baby (even if you have a c-section). So I bought a pack of Hanes full coverage Granny panties for the hospital. Even if you don’t pack these, the hospital had these amazing high-band underwear for me. I even brought some home with me they were that amazing!

Eye mask: Nurses will come in at all hours of the night to check in on you, in both labor and in recovery. My nurses were amazing and some checked on me and managed to not wake me up. Bring an eye mask to help you catch some zzz’s without being disturbed. 

Phone + charger: this is obvious.

For daddy:

Comfy outfits: Think sweats, t-shirts, and work out clothes. I’d pack about three outfits to to be safe. You don’t know how long you’ll be there for.

Slippers: Men should have comfy footwear too.

Socks + Underwear: Pack 4 or 5 sets of each!

Toiletries bag: Deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste & whatever he needs to feel fresh

Phone + charger: again, this is obvious.

Pillow: I took all the pillows in our room since I was so uncomfortable, which only left Josh with one measly pillow haha. Since we spent nearly a week in the hospital, I think it would have made the stay a little more comfortable if Josh had a pillow from home.

Bring laptop (or something similar) to give him something to do other than watching tv. Bring charger too. 

For baby:

1 going home outfit: We got the cutest little outfit from Baby Gap for Cam to wear home. We got him a onesie, pants, socks, and sweater to wear home.

Couple onesies for hospital: Even though the hospital provides baby with onesies, it was our first time dressing him so we brought a few from one. And why not?

Baby blanket: We have the cutest & softest light blue striped blanket that Cam just loves!

Swaddle: We brought one for Cam but wound up loving the ones from the hospital so much more haha! But bring one just in case you want to use your own 🙂

Car seat with base already installed

Car seat cover: Not mandatory, but I absolutely love our Milk Snob car seat cover.

Random items:

Games + books + magazines: There’s a lot of waiting in the hospital and it can get boring just watching tv. We played a few rounds of Yahtzee to take our mind off of labor.

Headphones: Nice to play some music and just zone out.

Snacks: Our hospital closed their cafeteria at midnight and I grew so freaking hungry at random hours of the night. Nurses come in and check in on you at random hours so you’ll be up. Keep hunger at bay with yummy snacks!

Gum: Perfect if you can’t brush your teeth right away!

Travel water bottles: The hospital has them too but it was nice to have one for Josh and in case I needed extra water. I was soooo thirsty after my c-section!


  • Don’t feel bad about over packing! You never know how long you’ll end up staying. We were there for almost a week and luckily had just enough clean clothes!
  • Ask your girl friends what they brought. Everyone has a little tip here and there on what to bring.
  • The hospital really does provide nearly everything you need for your stay – for both you and baby. For mama, they have gowns, underwear, socks, pads, shampoo & conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste (prob more if you ask). For baby, onesies, diapers, receiving blankets/swaddle, binkies (we LOVE the green ones from the hospital – grab a few!), vaseline (in case you have a boy & circumcised), beanies, wipes – truly everything!
  • I didn’t bring my pump since my hospital had this amazing hospital grade one (seriously want one!!) but your hospital may be different. Double check at your tour or call beforehand.
  • Items like nightgowns and robes that are easy to nurse in are amazing once your little one is born. I live in the nightgowns, PJ set, and robe that I brought to the hospital. 
  • I know some women highly recommend bringing a nursing Boppy to the hospital. I didn’t bring mine since I didn’t think of it but this may come in handy. Just wanted to share 🙂 
  • I surprisingly used most of the items I brought with me. The only thing I didn’t was an extra clothes but I was glad I had them!! Also, I didn’t use the curling iron. Haha, thought I’d want to curl my hair for pictures, but I was ok with using the blow dryer in my hospital room. 

I hope that my list helps you on what to pack in your hospital bag!! Feel free to reach out or comment below if you have any additional questions!

XO, Chloe

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