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April 5, 2016

Affordable Summer Vacations To Take in 2016

santorini greek churches

Every year, I look forward to planning a summer vacation. Whether it is to a Coastal staycation, luxurious getaway to Europe, or road tripping to Vegas, it is something that I love to meticulously plan and have on my calendar to look forward to. With no official plans yet set in stone, I am itching to get something on the books. So I started to think about what options that were equal part fabulous and easy on the wallet. So I composed my top 5 affordable summer vacations that are perfect for every kind of traveler: solo, couples, friends, families, both foreign and domestic, around the world in 2016.

Top 5 Affordable Summer Vacations in 2016

JetSet to Europe: 

With a strong US dollar, traveling to Europe is becoming easier and easier on our wallets. I highly recommend beautiful locales such as Croatia, Greece and Italy. I highly recommend these three because they are affordable, rich in history, offer beautiful beaches and incredible weather in the summer months. While they may seem to be more expensive, it is quite the opposite. With financial situation in both Greece and Italy in constant in flux, 2016 is a great time to take advantage and help out these economies by visiting them.

Grab Your Friends and Hit Up Yacht Week in Croatia

Don’t believe me? Roughly $700 USD for a week on the Adriatic with beautiful clear blue seas, day drinking fun, and breathtaking sunsets with a fresh seafood dinner with friends

Croatia Yacht Week

Rail Around Italy

This gorgeous country can be as affordable or as luxe as you want it to be

Eat pizza, drink your weight in wine, swim in the sea

Roam around centuries old cities, take in the art or just fall in amore…

Read about how I made Positano affordable here….

positano in the summer

Island Hop in Greece

Taking the ferry between islands in Greece is extremely affordable

Eat gyros for 3 euros, swim in the Aegean sea, party all night in Ios

Watch the famous sunset in Santorini at a caldera cave dwelling for less than $100USD/Night

santorini in the summer

Escape to the US National Parks

The amazing United States National Parks will be celebrating it’s 100th Birthday and is actually gifting us with 4 more additional free days from August 25-28. Even if you’re not able to plan around a free day, the parks are already very affordable (average entrance fee is $15 USD) and offer accommodations ranging from cheap tent camping to luxurious cabins. So whether you want to be fancy or roughing it, this makes for an incredible affordable summer vacation!

Top Choices of US National Parks

Bryce National Park in Southern Utah

perfect for: hikers, rock climbers, nature lovers, sunrise chasers

bryce national park affordable summer vacation

Glacier National Park in Montana

perfect for: staring at mountains, fishing, nature lovers

glacier national park

Channel Islands National Park off the Coast in southern California

perfect for: playing at the beach, swimming, camping on the sand

channel islands national park

Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado

perfect for: being transported to somewhere exotic, being a kid again

great sand dunes



Take a Caribbean Cruise:

Cruising is one of my favorite ways to travel due it’s affordablility and ease. You basically show up and the rest is taken of for you: endless buffets, entertainment, the boats takes you there, and you can tailor your days how you please. Most cruises include all food, leaving you to pay for gratuities, alcohol, and excursions. If you book through , you can usually get a tons of freebies in addition to your booking, such as airfare credits, upgraded suites, taxes/gratuities or alcohol plans, so I highly recommend calling in your booking to reap the benefits. Also, cruising the Caribbean is a great way to see this part of the world. The Caribbean is home to some of the friendliest locals, incredible (and cheap!) food, and the most gorgeous beaches.

Recommended Cruises:

Eastern Caribbean

Ports include: Bahamas; St. Thomas USVI; San Juan, PR; Turks & Caicos starting at $709/pp for 7 nights

caribbean cruise
Southern Caribbean

Ports include: San Juan, PR; St. Thomas, USVI; Barbados; St. Lucia; St. Kitts; & St. Maarten for $579/pp for 7 nights

affordable summer vacations

Western Caribbean

Ports include: Miami; Grand Cayman; Honduras; Belize; Grand Cayman from $639/pp for 7 nights

chloe cruising drinking wine

Trek Through SE Asia for affordable summer vacations:

This is nothing new and there is a reason why South East Asia shows up time and time again for affordable summer vacations. It is just that, fabulous, popular and extremely affordable. If you have the time to take two weeks off (at least), then I highly recommend jetting half-way across the world to trek through Thailand, sail along the Halong Bay in Vietnam, or chill in Bali. Whatever floats your boat, there is something for everyone and at any price tag! Also – how to get to Thailand for $600 RT flights

Go To Thailand

Beautiful beaches, tasty food, rich culture, fabulous shopping and spas

Live like Kings & Queens on a beer budget

Stay at 5 Star hotels like W Bangkok for great rates

top ten reasons to holiday in thailand

affordable summer vacations

Venture to South America:

It will be off-season considering it will be winter, so if you don’t mind cooler temps, then this is your jam. Take advantage of lower prices and lighter crowds. However, take into consideration Rio and Brazil may be busy and pricier due to the 2016 Summer Olympics. My suggestion? Stick to the west coast of South America this summer to hike the Inca Trail, snowboard the Andes Mountains, sip wine in the Malbec region of Chile or explore Patagonia.


Andes Mountains: Perfect for snowboarding or skiing

Explore Cuzco & Hike to Machu Picchu

Explore the Inca Trail or Lake Titicaca Machu Picchu, Peru


Wine Taste in the beautiful Malbec region

Check out the graffiti in Valapariso

Explore the unreal beauty of Patagonia

affordable summer vacations

In conclusion:

So whether you plan to go big or stay local this upcoming summer, there are fabulous ideas and at any price. Summer is a time to relax, recharge and spend either in solitude or with those you love. There is a reason why kids get summer vacation from school and who said they are the only ones who can have all the fun? Jump on the summer vacay train and go ahead and live a little.

summer quote ttb

As always, I appreciate y’all stopping by and join me on my constant journey of wanderlust. To stay up to date on all things TTB, follow me on the insta: @timetravelblonde ; the twitter: timetravlblonde and NOW, officially on Bloglovin, yay! As well, if you have any questions, suggestions or any tips, please send them my way! Hope you guys have a great rest of your day!




affordable summer vacationsaffordable summer vacationsaffordable summer vacationsaffordable summer vacations

affordable summer vacations

affordable summer vacations

affordable summer vacations

affordable summer vacations

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  • Glacier National Park is amazing. I LOVED it last summer when I went. Tons of fun. I enjoyed playing in the clear water, though it was rather cold. 🙂 It is one of my favorite national parks!

    • Ya, it looks gorgeous! I hope to make it up there and Yellowstone at some point! Xo

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