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January 26, 2017

5 Blogging Mistakes to Fix in 2017

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It’s crazy to think that TTB is 17 months old. For year one, I had like the biggest goals ever (don’t we all?) for my little blog. However, I will sadly admit I didn’t see them through fruition. Now while I can’t say 2016 wasn’t a successful year for me, I just know it could have been better. So for year 2, I am placing a huge emphasis on making 2017 great; for both myself and TTB. And in doing so, I decided to focus on my past mistakes and work hard to fix them. Sounds simple enough? Eh, maybe…but I am working like real hard on fixing my 5 blogging mistakes I made in 2016 to guarantee a successful 2017!

5 Blogging Mistakes (oops) to Fix in 2017

We all make mistakes. And in my first year of blogging, I made a ton! But now being in year two, I am determined and really excited on making TTB the platform I have always dreamed of it being! So with that said, here are my top 5 blogging mistakes that I am planning to fix in 2017…

1. Having a content bank

THIS is everything when it comes to blogging. In my opinion anyways (this + promotion). I mean, having a blog is posting consistent, great content. It’s a means to have your readers keep coming back for more. And in 2016, I epically failed in this regard. I mean, I didn’t even write for like 6 weeks from January to February.

And my excuse?? Two weeks in Thailand, moving, getting extremely sick with the flu, and um, life? But this could have been easily avoided if I had a content bank to save my ass. Having consistent material keeps readers coming back for more. And if having an engaged audience + community is what you’re after, then posting consistently is vital. 

So after realizing this is one of my biggest downfalls, I am working hard to not let this happen again. And here is what I have planned so far to improve:

  • Plan content for the month. Basically having a game plan.
  • Create an outline of planned content. What day to post, what pictures to share on Instagram, schedule Tweets, share posts on Facebook, etc.
  • Write, write, write, work, work, work. Get ahead and write your planned content. Start by being a week ahead of schedule. Then move up to two weeks ahead of schedule. This way, if you fall sick or travel, you’re covered and have a plan to implement when life gets busy.

* Random tid bit, I am working with a huge brand on a future collab and the one thing they said that stands out about TTB, was that I posted consistently. Sure, the topic of being consistent can be argued amongst bloggers. But if I have already found big brands noticing, then hey, I’m going to stick to it!

2. Schedule out the work day/week/month

A lot of the 2017 theme here is being better planned for success. And one that is obvious yet so hard to follow is having a basic schedule. Working from home (and truly for myself), I don’t have a set schedule. And 9 times out of 10, things don’t go according to plan.

While I do get a lot done on my day to day, having a concrete schedule will help me stay on track. Also, I would love to know when I can “clock out” from blogging and uninterrupted time with my husband/friends/and myself.

So because of all the little details and tasks that go into my day-to-day life, planning for success has now become absolutely mandatory. Especially with baby Cam on the way. I know my life will only be busier than ever with a newborn! With that said, here is how I “plan for success” in 2017.

  • Have a daily schedule. Alarm to wake up, time set for checking emails, my influencer platforms, social media, blogging/writing, pitching, and catching up on random details – basically set up TTB work days.
  • Kinda piggybacking off #1, but having a schedule for all my content and social media. I hate not knowing what to post every day when I have so many great pictures and things to share/say. Start small and aim to schedule for the week. Then move up to two weeks of scheduled content/social media.
  • Be realistic about my time. I sometimes think I can fit in like 5 outfit shoots into a couple hours…haha. ya no. So being realistic about my available time is huge!

3. Become a goal digger

One of the biggest things that I regret not doing last year was not writing down/creating goals for TTB…

I know, I know… it’s kinda basic business planning 101. So that’s why I decided to write down both my monthly and annual goals. And better yet, to keep me accountable, I will be sharing my goals, outcomes and what I did to get there each month.

My January goals:

  • 40,000 + blog hits
  • 12 blog posts
  • 42k Instagram followers
  • 500 Facebook TTB Page Likes
  • Start to work on redesign of TTB – finally
  • Plan to attend conferences/speaking engagements/press trips! 

4. Collaborate and sponsorships

In the latter part of 2016, I began to get really involved with influencer platforms such as Popular Pays, Activate by Bloglovin, etc. I did because it’s a great way to leverage and monetize your social media channels + blog posts, which leads to making $$$. I wish I started sooner because you always regret the chances you didn’t take (or ask for).

So what do I mean by ask for? Reach out to more companies to collaborate. Share their products. Stay at their hotels and review them. Eat at their restaurants and share your meal on social media. Share local businesses. In addition, reach out to more bloggers for creative collaborations and attend local blogger events + mixers. 

And for reals, I wish I did it sooner. You can’t keep waiting for those emails or DM’s to come because while you’re waiting, other bloggers are pitching/reaching out and creating the collaborations themselves. So this year, I am excited to be taking more initiative. So far this month, I’ve created 6 new collaborations by reaching out!  (more on that to come, obviously) Also, if you’re reading this and interested in partnering up, do not hesitate to reach out to me 🙂

5. Create an at-home work space

Ok, I know this isn’t a real big deal to some people, but to me, it is. Since we live in a 1-bed, 600 square foot apartment, working from home can feel cramped. And before I thought about getting an office space, but I do have a baby on the way. So working from home will be vital..

So before we move into our new 2 bedroom apartment, I will need to spend the next 2 months creating a work space here. I believe that having this space will allow me to enter “work mode” and get stuff done. Because currently, I am typing this up from my dreamy Cal-King with Phoebe beside me. And y’all, that’s a recipe for nap time and Bravo reality binge watching. Which equals = no work done.

So to create my workspace, I have a vision to do the following:

  • small desk – something to house my laptop, space for notes, and obviously, room for coffee & snacks.
  • get a large calendar to hang near by to visually see what I have going on that day (follow up to #1&2)
  • various items to stay organized – notepad, pens, sticky notes….whatever you need to work. The cuter, the better (hey, I’m a blogger!)


So these are my 5 blogging mistakes to fix in 2017. Sure there are others, but trying to fix these 5 are among my top blogging priorities! Also, I can’t wait to share with you how I did with my January goals and if I hit them or not. Additionally, I will be sharing these goals with y’all each month and sharing/displaying the results (with like real time Google Analytics, screen shots, etc) to prove what I really got… so none of that fake shit or just posting random numbers. Sorry to be so blunt but I just want to be real with you guys…

Thank you for coming by and I’d love to hear from you…what are your biggest goals for this year and how do you plan on hitting them? Let’s help each other out and make 2017 our best year yet!!



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  • Liz from

    Great list! I am definitely working on finding a balance between blog and real life. It can be hard to “clock out”

    • clocking out is definitely the hardest, right? I feel like us bloggers know (and understand) more than anyone, that our job is never done!! but finding that balance of knowing when to be ok with clocking out is so hard! definitely a blurred line and figuring out that balance is necessary!! Hopefully I can find some good tips and share them with you guys!!

  • Megan

    Fab tips! I’ve just joined the one’s in tip 4, I really need to work on balancing blogging and life too. Like Liz says, it can be hard to clock out.

    • ugh!! it’s so hard right? I really need help knowing when I’m “done” for the day. If I come up with some good tips, I’ll share them!! Thanks for coming by lady!!

  • Something like that I have also in 2016, and just like you know I’m trying to fix it. Last 2,5 months I really see the differences. It’s all about organization 🙂 You’ll succeed I don’t doubt in that.

  • What a great post and one I can relate to whole heartily. I found you the other day through Twitter when you posted about social platforms to drive traffic!

    I need to really sit down and work on my editorial calendar as well as get better at reaching out and attending mixers!

    Have a great week, Chloe!

  • Lovely post and thanks for the great tips! I’ll definitely be following up on some of them with my own blog ( Xx.

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