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December 3, 2015

Dear Santa, My 25 Travel Must Haves Wishlist

Dear Santa,

I feel that I have been a good girl this year. In order to make things a little easier for you, I am creating 25 lists each day before Christmas of the things I want (and need). Since they are so detailed, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find. I am starting with my first list of 25 travel must haves for every travelista (including your’s truly). I am making my tree extra sparkly and cheerful this year so you can have some pretty decor to store them under.



25. Carryon Cosmetics: Soapwalla Cosmetics – Everything is vegan, luxurious, and made to pass the 3 oz airport regulations. What’s not to love?

Soapwalla Kitchen travel kit travel size vegan luxury items

Soapwalla Kitchen

24. Fit Kit Portable Fitness: At less than 2 lbs, bring your workout with you on vacay! Complete with resistance bands, jump rope, resistance tube, and workout cards. Available in various colors and affordable at less than $35 USD.

fitkit portable workout travel kit

Fit Kit

23. The Hanging Cosmetic Bag: LL Bean have great water resistant choices in a variety of colors and sizes.

LL Bean Cosmetic Bag

LL Bean Hanging Cosmetic Bag

22. Jewelry Organizer: Quilted Travel Bag by Conair. I love this jewelry organizer because it’s compact, quilted for protection, and super affordable. Under $10 on Amazon!

travel jewelry bag quilted con air travel jewelry kit

Conair Quilted Jewelry Travel Organizer


  1. The Travel Hoodie: Red Eye Hoodie by Aviator is so lightweight and comes in handy for long distance flights with built in gloves, hoodie, pouch, and even a place for your ear buds! red eye hoodie blue

Red Eye Hoodie by Aviator

  1. Adapter: Travelon USB Converter can work in 150 countries and comes in at an affordable price of $25.
  2. travelon Worldwide Converter

Travelon Adapter

  1. Wireless Head Phones: Skull Candy Women’s Knockout is so cute, comfortable, and wireless making listening to music on long flights or working out super easy and convenient. Skull Candy Knockout in Teal

Skull Candy Knock Out Wireless Headphones

  1. Portable Hair Stylist: Chi Escape Cordless Styling Iron. Great for taming flyaway and unruly hair. Can also curl and wave plus has a long battery life! Also comes with a 1 year warranty just in case!chi escape hair iron 2

Chi Escape Travel Hair Iron

  1. I-Pad: Obvious for keeping entertained on long flights, books by the pool or beach, Face Timing and Skyping back home with loved ones. ipad


16. The All-Purpose Travel Bag: Longchamp. You can’t go wrong with this classic. It’s spacious, stylish, timeless and water resistant and at a good price of $145.


Longchamp Travel Bag

15: Body Shop Cleaner Wipes: Necessary after long flights to freshen face and body. Or really when your just too lazy to take a proper shower or clean your face.


body shop wipes

Body Shop Gentle Cleansing Wipes

14: Travel Hair Brush: This really doesn’t need much of an explanation other than it’s convenient and can fit in any bag.

travel brush

Travel Brush

13. Sewing Kit: I love having one on hand because you never know when you may lose a button, need to stitch up a snag, or simply just safety pin something. Some hotels carry them which is convenient but just in case, I bring it with me. travel sewing kit

Travel Sewing Kit

12: Travel Blanket & Eye Mask: I love this one from Gilt. It’s soft, cashmere for warmth and comfort, and comes at a great price for everything you need for long haul travel days. travel cashmere blanket and mask

Cashmere Travel Blanket & Eye Mask

11: Instax Mini 8 Camera: These little cameras are fun and print out tiny polaroids. Makes it fun than the usual go-to Instagram pictures. instax mini 8 in pink

Instax Mini 8

10: Portable Water Bottle: When you travel, you go through water like no other. So why not bring a portable, collapsable water bottle to cut down on water bottle costs? My favorite: water bottle

Travel Water Bottle

9: Aquaphor: This stuff has saved my life on numerous occasions. Great on dry skin, lips, and doubles up as a make up remover. aquaphor


8: Travel Slip Ons: I love slip on shoes for travel because they are easy at security and can be worn on the plane, during site seeing, and even for nights on the town. slip ons

Steve Madden Rhinestone Slip-on Sneakers

7: Mini Umbrella: You never know when you’ll hit rain. Be prepared with a cute and tiny umbrella!umbrella

Kate Spade Travel Umbrella

6: Sea Salt Hair Spray: This stuff is great when your at a beachy/humid location and don’t want to waste time styling hair. Spray it in and let hair develop natural mermaid waves. Easy and good for your hair!sea salt spray

Moroccan Sea Salt Hair Spray

5: Sunscreen: Kind of a no brainer but make sure not to leave home without it! Can be very expensive in some exotic locations.sunscreen

Coppertone Sunscreen

4: Compression Socks: These are great on long flights, help you keep you warm and help circulation on those long haul flights!

compression socks

Compression Socks

3: Cute Carry On: Every girl needs a cute carry on (like this adorable DVF bag), extra bonus for great functionality. dvf carry on

DVF Carry On Luggage

2: Travel First Aid: This is necessary for all trips. Get one with bandages, Neosporin, and the works! Trust me, you will use it at some point. first aid kit

First Aid Kit

1: Dry Shampoo: I love this stuff because you can focus on having fun traveling instead of taking care of your hair! My favorite: dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo

There it is everyone! If you can think of any other great travel must haves, please feel free to share! Happy Holidays and happy shopping everyone!



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