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November 13, 2015

2016 Travel Wish List Foreign & Domestic

Major Wanderlust, both foreign and domestic

It’s been a little over two months since my last big trip and I am already feigning to go somewhere new. I was supposed to go to eastern Europe on the 2nd, however, that was quickly derailed after I severely sprained my right ankle a week before the trip. Sadly, that trip had to be canceled and hopefully able to fly out in early Spring. I have Thailand on the books for December and January, but I am a travel addict. I need to explore, eat new things, experience things that push me outside my comfort zone, you know, all the good stuff that comes with traveling. So while I am over here in dream world, I felt that I should put down my travel wants and needs and turn them into DOs. It’s never too early to start planning your next trip and every trip is possible. All you need is planning, money, and time. Luckily, I have created my own list of places that I am dreaming of  traveling to next year. Once a trip is booked, I will give a step-by-step outline my planning process, from start to finish. So with that being said, here is my wish list of travel destinations in 2016.


Thailand: This has been a trip that I am have been dying to take for years! My best friend (who I also met studying abroad so she shares my constant wanderlust!) texted me that her and her hubby wanted to go to Thailand and that we should go. Um, ok!!! This couples trip quickly turned into a big group of friends going so I cannot be more excited to New Years in such a gorgeous country with those that I love the most! So far on the itinerary is Koh Samui (seeing Koh Phagnon and Koh Tao while there), Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pai, Krabi before ending in Bangkok. If you can think of anymore hidden gems, pleaseee send my way! Expect my purchasing this flight process and planning with groups next week!

Iceland: This has been a major to-do for quite sometime now, especially since my hubby is dying to see the Aurora Borealis and we can fly non-stop out of Denver (huge bonus). I have been more and more drawn to it because of the surging popularity of Iceland and it’s bounty of natural beauty. Before seeing it appear all over my Instagram, I only knew it for the Blue Lagoon (which looks sick btw), but now, I know there is so much more to it than that. I want to see all it’s waterfalls, climb glaciers, do a night trek to see the Aurora Borealis, and of course, soak in the Blue Lagoon! Plus, have you seen how cute Icelandic sweaters are? Definitely getting my hands on a few of those for these Denver winters!

Eastern Europe: I have been to Europe several times and was supposed to do a solo trip earlier this month but that had to be cancelled due to my ankle. I was bummed because as I should’ve been in Europe, I was sitting on the couch hobbling around and sadly, still am. However, I know that I will make my way over there. I am dying to see Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Budapest and all the other hidden gems along the way like Ljubljana in Slovenia! I am hoping to make this trip in Spring or late next year.

Caribbean Cruise: I turn my flirty 30 this year on June 2. Actually not dreading it because everyone says that the thirties are the twenties so I am totally embracing it. Since my birthday falls on the same week as Memorial Day, I kind convinced my hubby that hey, let’s take a trip over my birthday! Something easy where he can still work if needed, not have to fly so far and deal with jet lag, and have most of the planning done for us. So naturally, a cruise popped up in my head! Our first big trip as a couple was a 7-day Caribbean cruise and to this day is one of my favorite trips we ever took. I have one cruise in particular that I have my eye set on, a 5 night cruise out of Miami to the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos for $549/pp with tons of perks if booked through Priceline (gotta work those perks!). We also figured that since we fly into Miami we can make it two vacays into one!

Canada: I love Canada and Canadians. It is the most beautiful country with some of the loveliest people I have ever met. After all, my mom and my maternal side is all Canadian so naturally I am a little biased. But for reals though, you Canadians got life figured out! I have been to Vancouver (love that city!) and Toronto, so think this time around, either go back to Vancouver or Alberta to ski Banff. Either way, I know where we go in Canada the location will be stunning, the beer cold, and the food tasty!



Seattle: I have been here once before when I was little over the 4th for a family reunion and I am dying to go back. Mainly because I want the food. From what I have seen on Travel Channel, the seafood looks insane! Trying to find a way to go over summer when weather will hopefully cooperate.

San Francisco: I love this city. My husband and I were supposed to move here but his job needed him to move to Denver to be closer to headquarters so that plan is on hold. Until then, we can always visit and see one of our favorite cities! The food, shopping, people, unlimited festivals and things to do makes this such a great city to visit for a quick weekend getaway. Next time we go, I hope to make it into wine country as I have never made it to Napa, Sonoma and the surround wine regions.

East Coast Road Trip: This has always been a dream of mine as I haven’t seen much of the east coast. My husband grew up in Georgia, so naturally I would love to start there, see the Carolinas, Virginia, DC, Boston and NYC. Maybe all the way up to Maine to get some of that yummy lobster! Who knows when we can squeeze this in because of my husbands demanding work schedule, but hopefully a 10-day or two week road trip can happen!

So there it is folks. It’s lofty, but hopefully attainable. Once some of these trips are booked, I will share my planning tips and tricks, experiences along the way, and my reviews of the trip. So lets hope to start checking these off, one by one!




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  • Love the list, Chloe! Iceland is DEFINITELY on my list for 2016 as well! I hope you make it out to Seattle (I went to college there) and SF, they’re both amazing cities – maybe stop by Portland while you’re at it, I highly recommend. Can’t wait to see where you end up! xo

  • Exciting list! I’m going to Thailand in May with a similar itinerary so I will look forward to your recaps. We’re hoping to escape to the Caribbean (maybe Antigua?) at the end of the year. Otherwise it will probably be a lot of domestic travel – we already have two trips booked to the Bay Area (where we used to live) and one to Minneapolis for friends’ weddings and since we’re new to Indiana we’re hoping to explore some of the cities within driving distance of us, including Nashville, TN.

  • Have you done the East Coast Road Trip yet? That one is dear to my heart – I live on the east coast. I LOVE the Carolinas 🙂 I love the US, but boy that southern region is absolutely unique and tons of fun. 🙂

    • Nooo, not yet! My hubby is from Alpharetta, GA too so I’m dying to see this part of the country (esp Savannah, Charleston and Raleigh!) Are you on the East Coast?

      • Yep! I live in good ole SC. I LOVE Savannah and Charleston. You cannot skip those places or else you’re really missing out. You can spend days in Charleston – I’ve been over 20 times and still have things I want to do there. It is such a cool place. Hunting Island State Park is in between Charleston and Savannah — you should visit there as well. It’s a cute hidden gem. While you’re over here, visit the Outer Banks (in NC) and Chincoteague Island in VA. Wilmington, NC is a neat city. I don’t like Raleigh all too much, but I have only been a few times. The Shenandoah Valley in VA is also beautiful. There are like 5 billion cute and adorable mountain villages/little towns you could visit in the mountains of GA, NC, TN, VA and SC. 🙂 I mean I have a million suggestions, but I’ll stop there! :D…hahaha

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