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December 7, 2016

18 Weeks Pregnancy Update

18 weeks pregnant

Woohoo!! 18 weeks almost done and 19 weeks tomorrow!! We’re on a one day countdown of finding out what we’re having!! We’re both so excited to finally find out and start calling our little baby “him” or “her”. Tonight will definitely feel like the night before Christmas. Finding out our baby’s sex is such a fun present for the both of us. And I can’t wait to share the big news with y’all!!


It’s also been so amazing to share this experience and get so much support from fellow bloggers and readers. I wasn’t sure how sharing my pregnancy would go, especially since this whole maternity and pregnancy thing is so new to me and my readers. But I wish I could give y’all hugs for all the kind words and encouragement. It makes this little mama well up in tears! So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for following along on my journey…even though it’s only been 18 weeks so far. 

lake dillon breckenridge colorado

how insanely gorgeous is Lake Dillon? just gorgeous! 

lake dillon colorado 18 weeks

18 weeks pregnancy update…

chloe and phoebe december 2016 18 weeks

chloe and phoebe december 16

My symptoms, specifically the ligament pains, have died down. Thank God! They we’re getting painful; the on-call ob/gyn said they can sometimes resemble mild labor pains…yikes! But of course with that dying down, I’ve been getting back pains and restless legs….which I’d much rather have over the ligament pain. 

I will say though, after 18 weeks, I’m finally starting to get my energy back. And I am so so soooo excited about that. I’ve hated feeling like a zombie the last couple months. 

However, this brings me to the prego brain…

No matter how many lists I make or alarms I set on my phone, I feel like I am always missing/forgetting something. And let’s not stop there. When I’m talking to my husband, I make absolutely no sense. Like, non at all. I can be trying to talk about fruit but what comes out, is totally different. Haha. Let’s just say, it’s quite comical for my husband. Haha, oh man. Any other ladies out there experience this?

And bumpdate? It’s growing…little by little. My clothes are getting tighter. I’m wearing stretchy, yoga pants (as my regular pants), like, all the time. Haha, they are my go-to and make me feel so much more comfortable! I’ve gotten some cute longer, sweaters to cover the belly and love that it’s starting to show 🙂 I’m going to be doing a fun post on everyday wear for pregos and I can’t wait to share it! 

18 weeks pregnant

the bump december 2016

this bump came out of no where!! must’ve been all the ligament pains! 

chloe and phoebe december 2016

Did I mention, one more day?

Sorry (not sorry), but I can hardly contain excitement. We’ve been counting down since we found out we were expecting our little baby and taking guesses if it’s a boy or girl. I’ve flipped/flopped so many times and can’t wait till tomorrow. I feel some sort of relief that these 18 weeks went by pretty quickly and that week 19 is here tomorrow! Let’s hope I get some sleep tonight because I’m sure I’ll be buzzing around my small apartment with uncontrollable excitement.

Stay tuned for the big reveal…yayyy!!!!

Xoxo, Chloe

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18 weeks trip to lake dillon

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  • Oh yes, the ligament pain and pregnancy brain. I hate to say it but the pregnancy brain doesn’t get better after the baby is born. It just turns into mommy brain (or I like to call it the newborn fog.) But I am seriously so excited for you. Babies/kids are a lot of work but they are so fun.

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